Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest Workout #1

This afternoon, since I didn't have my C25K buddy here (he doesn't get off work till 6 & we're meeting up for dinner) I opted to try out my first Pinterest work out.
Here it is:

Looks short & sweet huh!?!
NOT! I could only do one repetition (my legs were burning & could not pick me back up!), then I added 40 side leg lifts (20 each leg - works your saddle bags & love handles). I also have to do 'girl push ups' (on your knees-I don't think I have ever done a regular one in my entire life- they still work my arms though!)
  Make sure when doing the side lifts to tilt your hip bone in just slightly & bring you leg back a little. I like to be against a wall, that way I lean forward slightly then when my leg is as far up as I can take it I touch the wall - hope that makes sense, I guess just try till you feel the difference & trust me you'll feel it in your love handle area (obliques I believe they're formally called). Overall, it was a great workout. Took me 15 minutes to do the one rep. I will try this one again soon & see if I can get another 2 cycles in & maybe add a walk in the end.
Note: lock up or kick out your animals. I had a cat playing with my laces for the sit-ups & an Aussie thinking I was going to pet her belly for the push ups (she tries to put her belly over you when you're laying on the floor).

GO get 'em! I sure did... let's hope my legs are able to cycle to work tomorrow. Oh, by the way my damn alarm got the best of me this morning so I had to take Betty. The missed 3 mile ride was totally worth today's Jeep cruising weather.

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