Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

First & foremost. Thank you to all those that have served & are serving our country. I come from a family with one grandparent flying B52s in WWII & another grandparent running telecommunications in the Korean war. I am very proud to be from the Red, White, & Blue!

Second, I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend. Smores, fire, & Bud Light summed up my weekend. Ha! got some working to do on those calories for sure! Paul & I had some good bonding conversations Saturday & Sunday night out by the fire till 3am...everyone was either busy or went home early.

Third, today was such a nice evening & all those home-made cookies I decided I better do something. Leashed up Dallas, stretched & started my Couch-to-5K program. Probably should have turned around at the 'you're half way done' voice but I was just thinking 'eh, what's a little extra walking. Made it through the Day 1 of Week 1 of C25K = 2.14miles at 13.58 a mile. Well, after that we were no where near home. Dallas was wearing out & we had at least 3 good hills in 2.54 miles to go (I didn't know that starting out). 1 hill down & I'm movin pretty good, Dallas is lagging a bit. Then, all the sudden she picks up pace (I have my ear phones in = not hear quiet things), I look to my right & there's this young, sweaty, ripped guy. Smiles & jogs on by. I don't even care to act tough & pick up my pace but apparently my little hussy of a dog wants to show off & gets all perky & jogging... ha! As soon as he's out of sight she's back to the end of the leash. 2 hills later & a third mile to go, I was half tempted to call Paul... Dallas was fighting me on the speed, so I added 30 lunges so she could walk slow. We made it in one piece, her giving me the 'F you' look. So, now I know I can handle the 5 mile jaunt, Dallas on the other hand, at 85 degrees can only go 3 miles.

I would have to say good day for sure! I think Paul & I are even going to sign up for the Color Run in KC on July 1st! I know it's not much time but I have always wanted to do one & it says they're up for ALL types of people. If you would like to join us, please let me know we could be a team... like The Sweaty Balls or ... 5K Virgins or.... ????

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