Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gotta Love...

... that soreness, jiggle, tight feelings.

Today, I was successful in riding my bike to & from work!
         TO: 1.55 miles in 11:01, it was a little chilly out & I was sore from Monday night
         FROM:  1:58 miles in 10:39, a little warm but that doozie of a hill wasn't as bad.
I also got Paul to join me in doing Couch to 5K... I started over
         WEEK 1 DAY 1: 2.04 miles at 14.40 per mile. Not as good as Monday's but it was a tougher road.

Soreness: I'm talking about that little triangle in your crotch & butt crack from the bicycle seat when you haven't ridden in a while.

Jiggle: I'm talking about while you're jogging, that's all I'm thinking about is my butt & thighs going up & down. Then when someone drives by I'm thinking that they're thinking 'gee look at that jiggle.' BUT then I'm like, 'well, at least I'm out here working on this jiggle!'

Tight feelings:  I'm talking about after you've been going for a while & you go to squeeze you're hand & you realize water didn't play a big enough role in my day. I think it's my hands swelling but I'm not sure.

OH! Last night after my post, Paul & I signed up for The Color Run!!! I am extremely excited, I'm going to pop my 5K cherry & be a virgin no more! Not only that but get messy doing it too. ;) hehe.  July 1st, KC, here we come, whether or not I'm able to run the whole thing it'll be a blast. If you'd like to join us, just ask but get signed up before it closes!

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