Friday, September 30, 2011

Derby Day!

I LOVE this pic!!!

Roller Derby that is!!!

heck yes! Derby Band aides
Today's post ALL derby... why? Because I am excited! Last night I strapped on my skates for the first time since the end of may! I was a little wobbly at first but then I picked it right back up & it was GRRREAT! Oh how I missed it. Plus, today I am headed to Kansas City to meet up with some of my fellow crushers to watch the 2011 WFTDA Southwest Regional Playoffs, where we are going to watch our #1 KC Warriors take on some other great teams in our region (Nebr, Tenn, TX, Atl, etc). I also LOVE their logo this year... a COW and I love cows! The tournament will start out today, go through tomorrow, and play off on Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to work on Sunday & will miss the final title taking game.
Then the winner will head to Broomfield, CO for the Continental Divide & Conquer 2011 WFTDA Championships. I would love to go & had plans to fully attend & show my family this wonderful sport that I am involved in, only I don't think I am going to be able to make that drive this time. SO... any of you Colorado peeps should take a trip to the rink & cheer on your local gals & have a great time for me!

me at the 2011 St.Patricks parade

love pin-ups

Now, in these titles you may notice 'WFTDA' that stands for Women's Flat Track Derby Association. If you check out this site it has all the teams rankings, roller derby association rules, the community, a store, any sponsor information, a 'MVP,' & updating scores of Bouts being played all over. If you're looking for a team in your area this would also be a good starting place to find one. Just a note though, there are other teams that aren't listed WFTDA, as there are more recreational teams (for instance the Capital City Crushers are more rec than competitive - don't get me wrong we love to whoop a girls ass but we have a lot of mom's, full workers, & busy ladies that just want to play) and there are also 'outlaw derby' which are teams that play without minors (there are penalty calls: major & minor). Dead Girl Derby in KC is our 'local' outlaw team. I haven't been to one of their Bouts yet, but hopefully I'll make it to one & check it out.

gotta love a good T-shirt

The crazy thing about derby is that we are girls of all different colors. If you join a team you should be an open minded person culturally... I mean we have ladies that are teachers, nurses, animal care techs, students, government workers. We have country girls, moms, hard rockers, grandmamas, tattooed up ladies, afraid to tattoo ladies, lesbians, straights, older girls, young girls, the list is really endless but no matter what once everyone gets on their eight wheels & rolls onto that rink we are ALL roller girls & got each others back no matter what! I love all the different people I meat & I learn a lot & I wouldn't change a thing.

Embroidery pattern, I would change it to my name

I have also found with all these different fabulous ladies, comes tons of 'derby garb'... Socks, jewelry, tutus, tights, make-up, and a new name. Mine, I am Bruisin' Bourbon, number 125. Why you ask the name change? It's our derby persona, that's our alter ego. I love a good bruise, giving a good bruise, & a good glass of whiskey & the highest percent alcohol in a whiskey I have seen is 125proof. Oh & I better mention there are NO two names alike... we have a database where when you join & pick a name you can see if your taking someones or if you are truly original.
Also, here are some picks of just derby stuff I love & you can check out my derby board on Pinterest.
Well, I better get a rollin' to the big KC in the big Blue ... I had to barrow Paul's lovely ford b/c I don't think Black Betty will do good on an hour hwy drive & in the big city.

P.S. Please go check out your local roller girls & hell slap on some skates, get a name, and learn the game... trust me nobody knows the rules when they first start. :)

~ Cheers,

Brusin' Bourbon #125

necklace I found on Etsy

Luggage tag

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bows, Rifles, & Shotguns... yes please

This weekend I passed my Kansas Hunter's Education course... 100%!!!

The Recurve Bow
Most thought I already had my safety card, but I didn't. I had always shot clays or just on private property. I did learn the only time you don't have to have a license is if you are the sole owners of that 'private property,' or if you are making/losing money off of your daddy's land. At first I thought I was going to be one of few older students because most people I know receive their license when they are a kid, I wasn't (So, don't be afraid b/c of your age, there are plenty others out there too!). I've been around guns before and own my own shotgun and I can honestly say I did learn some new facts, tips, & information this weekend. The class consisted of a 2 hour session on Wednesday night, an all day class outside on Saturday, and a hands on class Sunday afternoon. Sunday included a mock quail walk, a rifle range, shooting clays, and archery range. In the past I have only shot a recurve bow, Sunday I was able to shoot it plus a compound bow for the first time. The difference between the two is the recurve bow is a lot older, usually wood & one single string. The compound bow is comprimised of pully type ends that loop the string and bring more power to the arrows. It was fun shooting one and I would like to have one of my own in the future! (I can't shoot Paul's because it is too strong for me- each one is set at a specific weight ideal  for each person)

The Compound Bow

 I urge everyone to get out there and take their nearest hunter's education course, even if you don't plan on hunting it's just good knowledge to have. To find out more where your nearest class is being offered just google your state's wildlife and parks department and you should come accross it under education.
I on the otherhand can't wait to get out there and get a pheasant, turkey, prairie chicken, and maybe a deer! Oh and the bantering between Paul and I has already begun ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Black Betty!

Woooah Black Betty, Bam-a-Lam. Wooah Black Betty Bam-a-Lam.

This song is probably one of my favorites. I have no real deep meaning for it, don't even really know of Ram Jam (the artists), I just like to jam out to it. It all started in High School I heard it at a party and fell in love.

Back then I drove a two-tone brown 1986 full size Ford Bronco, a real winner! Her name was Brown Betty... obviously she wasn't black. My next vehicle I acquired in 2002, a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500. She didn't really have a name, good truck, liked the gasoline though. Decided to head to K-State, so I needed something a little more reliable & economic. I went the only place I know for a good VW, BOULDER, to check out a diesel Jetta. Bummer was payments were too high, but I was on a car buying high, so I settled for a 2005 Jetta. Don't get me wrong she was a good little car... when she wanted to be. I had quite a few warranty issues with her, Ole Jetta, was her name. One time Ole Jetta locked me out, completely shut down & someone from Topeka VW had to come tow her. In 2010, approximately 135,000 miles in, I had to put a new motor in her. Now, I am not really a low-to-the-ground car person. I am a get muddy, high up, 4x4 gal! Always have been, always will be.

While I was in the hospital Ole Jetta went down another road, so on August 26th I came across a 1995 Jeep Wrangler that I fell in love with... & was a good price. She's a little rusty, a little oxidized, a little squeaky, & a little rattly, but hey that's why I'm dating a mechanic ;). One would think being born & raised by a grease monkey I would have picked up some skills of some kind... nope. I was usually being called into the shop for, "hey! hand me that wrench!" or "hold the light....still!" Dad has attempted to show me things I just don't retain part identification or what that sound really means knowledge. I have over the years learned how to change a tire (a necessity in the jetta-she had a TON of flats!), and change the oil. Who knows maybe Paul is the teacher I really need with this Jeep.

I LOVE the fact that I am off the ground again, even if I currently have to hold my driver's side door shut... I'm waiting on a part that's busted. I also LOVE the fact that she is black... her name:


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Dinner!

Yesterday, Monday, September 12th, was Paul's 31st birthday. I bugged him for a week what he wanted to do... bars, BWW, movies, etc. He never replied & didn't seem to enthuzed, me, I LOVE birthdays!
So, I decided to make him a fabulous dinner.
The menu:
 - Fresh tossed salad
 - Martha Stewart's Creamy Macaroni & Cheese
 - KC Strips with sauteed mushrooms
 - Apple pie with ice cream
 - Disaster cake with cream cheese frosting
*note: we didn't make it to the desserts, we were stuffed!

 I don't know about the rest of you but making dinner & some delishious desserts work up quite the thirst... plus I need to work on getting this out of the fridge ;)

First, the salad I just cut up some fresh leafy lettuce & added some carrots, red peppers (they're Paul's favorite), & tomatoes & called it good.

Martha Stewart's Creamy Macaroni & Cheese on the otherhand took a little more work. I found the recipe on Pinterest, my new web love. However I have posted the recipe on my new 'De-Lish Dishes' page (follow the recipe title link). I recommend it, especially if you absolutly LOVE cheese. I made the version with the Guyere instead of the Romano. When I first tried the Guyere out of the package I thought it was going to be too salty & too smokey, but after it was finished it didn't have any of those issues. The recipe was lacking a little bacon so I sprinkle some on top with the bread :). I would also like to note Paul & I will be eating Mac-N-Cheese for the rest of the week - it makes A LOT!

The KC Strips were amazing! So much so I didn't even get a final picture. Just imagine grilled, juicy, medium rare, yummyness topped with some shrooms! YUM! I heart Beef!

Paul LOVEs my Apple Pie so of coarse I had to make it for him. This recipe is one that my mom & my grandma both use, only I am specific with the types of apples. I like to do half red delicious & half granny smith. Once we finally serve it, it will be accompied by some vanilla ice cream.

Paul also LOVEs chocolate cake. So, I decided to make him my Disaster Cake. I had him pick out the frosting from the store because I was too tired to make any last night. He chose only the best stuff, CREAM CHEESE icing! Disaster cake is something I stumbled on at a friends house, it is delicious & has lots of ingredients (like sour cream & Guiness). This cake is also very moist & you have to make sure to follow the directions, unlike me yesterday who ended up wasting like 4cups of sugar, some cocoa, baking soda.... oops. A hit in the end though. I had Paul take some of the cupcakes to work so they weren't laying around here for me to devoure.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today, September 11th, is a day which you can't help but remember as a day of terror 10 years ago. This morning I picked up the Topeka Capital Journal, headlines of KU beating N. Illinois, a new burger stand, & the U.S. food supply, were just side notes in comparison to the 9/11 Anniversary article. As I'm holding the paper in my hand, before even reading one word I flashback to that day in 2001. I was waiting to leave for school. Junior year. Agriculture class. My mom always had The Today Show on in the living room and I always sit there, get distracted and wait until the last possible minute before leaving. As I was sitting with my backpack listening to Al give the weather & Matt talk about Micheal Jordan making a comeback they flash outside to a burning building and announce something on the note that the North World Trade center is on fire or a plane has hit it. I am mesmerized in disbelief and yell to my mom in the office to come check this out. As a little time goes by (this point I had no clue what time it was), the cameras watching this building smoking & burning then all of the sudden capture another plane smashing into the South Tower. I couldn't believe it with my own eyes! I finally peeled off the T.V. and made it to Marv's ag. class which that is all we could talk about. About an hour later I am headed into Niwot (my home high school) and they announce on the radio that a plane has crashed into the pentagon and another into a field in Pennsylvania. History class, that was where I was supposed to be... made it remembering thinking, 'oh my how many planes are out there? will there be more attacks? who did this? all those people...' Once in history, we discussed what was happening and the teacher went on to teach his normal lesson thinking that was the best thing. I remember just being in a daze all through my classes and the rest of the day being glued to T.Vs all over, feeling for the families, wanting to help but being so far away...
I finally snap back into things this morning, ask Paul where he was that day, then read aloud the story in the paper of Brian Clark, a Survivor from the 84th floor of the South tower. Clark actually felt the plane hitting the tower! As he was his floors fire marshal he led them all into the stairwell to start the decline. As they were doing so a lady was coming up saying they had to go up. Clark & a co-worker, Ron DiFrancesco went to help another voice (Stanley Praimnath) as he did he looked back and quote, "I have this very clear vision of all my co-workers turning around and starting up the stairs... And they all died." They saved Praimnath.
The other articles of 9/11 included disaster trauma, a fighter pilot told to go after flight 93, and miscellaneous first hand accounts.
Now that I have made it to my computer I 'Google'd' World Trade Center Memorial... (last I had heard they hadn't decided on final design - I don't watch too much t.v.). On the National World Trade Center Memorial website it shows their design that they unveiled today, and I am pleased with what I can see from the pictures and someday I would like to make the trip to NY and visit the Museum.

Thank you to all those who helped in that hard time and my thoughts go out to those who lost the one's so dearly to them.

                                                                                               ..... Where were you?