Friday, May 27, 2011

Project 365 catchin' up

PHOTO #66/365  Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
Finally ate my cannaloni from Sunday at the Italian Deli.... YUM!

PHOTO #67  Wednesday May 18th, 2011
My new Purple Petunia Pig Pot!

PHOTO #68/365  Thursday May 19th, 2011
My strawberry margarita jello shots for Jaclyn's bachlorette party. Made them early since I had even better ones to make on friday :)

PHOTO #69/365  Friday May 20th, 2011
My strawberry margarita jello shots actually poored into a strawberry (check out other blog entry)

PHOTO #70/365  Saturday May 21st, 2011
Night of Jaclyn's Country Cruisin' Bachlorette Party!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue, Purple, Black, ... yellow

(note: I've had this one written for a while just never post until now)

Hematomas. Blemishes. Boo boos. Contusions. Injuries. Marks. Spots..... BRUISES.

Medically they are defined as an injury transmitted through unbroken skin to underlying tissue causing rupture of small blood vessels & escape of blood into the tissue with resulting discoloration. Basically, a colorful spot on the skin that changes as the days go by.
These glorious spots come in all shapes & sizes too! Being a girl in agriculture, a recreational softball lady, a KSU rugger alum, a Topeka Capital City Crusher rollergirl, & an overall klutz, I have had my fare share of bruises. Ones ranging from triangles, to hooves, to softballs, to cleats, & even to skates... yes, you could point out the two different sets of wheels! No picture proof of that beauty though...its location was a little too far up the skirt if you know what I mean.

Thursday, May 12th floor slam

Now, there are some people who it takes a real good hit for any color change at all, while others may bump into a corner & have a black spot the next day. Me, it depends on location... Arms: kind of easy; finger/upper palm: hard; Lower palm: easy; butt &amp back: hard; thighs: easy; & calves/shins: mixed.
My most recent beaut is on my palm... I have another on my tailbone bit it's hiding (no color showed up). The palmer started changing by the end of practice & got some real good purple & blue hues by the next afternoon. Some just change over time, even turn a stailish yellow too! With these rough sports come bragging rights, if you walked through the changing area before or after practice I'm sure you could hear at least one girl saying, "hey! check this one out!!!" Posting pictures of them isn't out of the norm either. I know of rugby bloggers & derby facebookers that have injury sections where you send in your best colors.
Yeah, I bet you thought you'd never read a blog about bruises but I was bored & checking out my hand ...

I'll tie it up with...

Skate, Play, and Walk safe out there!!! :)

Rugby fall of 2009

March 2011 Skate Scrape

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Project 365 entry.... catching up :p

PHOTO #58/365 Monday, May 9th
Came into the bedroom only to find this little gremlin

PHOTO #59/365 Tuesday, May 10th
At practice I found out I made my first Bout roster against Wichita's ICT on June 11th.... yall better be there!

PHOTO #60/365 Wednesday, May 11th
Take my first baby pictures... of my friend, Angela's grandson Breckin

PHOTO #61/365 Thursday, May 12th
A new site I am sadly addicted to

PHOTO #62/365 Friday, May 13th
My awesome hand bruise from last nights practice. Doesn't hurt as bad as it looks

PHOTO #63/365 Saturday, May 14th
Paul & I saw Chris Hennessey & Jamey Johnson at Grinders in KC... AWESOME show!!!

PHOTO #64/365 Sunday, May 15th
Paul & I went to the National World War I Museum in KC.
If you haven't been there we recommend you visit it... it's a good one!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #52/365  Tuesday, May 3rd
Dallas' first day visiting McRite Retirement Plaza for pet therapy
PHOTO #53/365  Wednesday, May 4th
Found this on ebay.... love derby & pin ups

PHOTO #55/365  Thursday, May 5th
For the first time I potted some flowers.... here's to hoping they survive

PHOTO #55/365  Friday, May 6th
Got up to go to work and here's the field accross the street
PHOTO #56/365 Saturday, May 7th
One of my good friends got hitched! Congrats & it was a fabulous time!!!
PHOTO #57/365 Sunday, May 8th
After work I was cruisin' the net and came accross this Derby motivational poster.. :D

Project 365

PHOTO #46/365  Wednesday April 27th.
Paul and I's six month anniversary
PHOTO #45/365. Tuesday
the wfta rulebook, what ive been reading a lot of lately

PHOTO #47/365 Thursday April 28th.
I didnt take this picture but I thought it deserved to make the project. My thoughts go out to those invloved.

PHOTO #48/365 Friday April 29th.
the CCC skated in the March of Dimes

PHOTO #50/365  Sunday May 1st
One of my FAVORITE breakfast cafes

PHOTO #51/365  Monday, May 2nd
Paul's new baby!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First week of May!

This week was filled with some firsts besides just the number one.
On Tuesday, I took Dallas to McRite Retirement Plaza for some 'pet therapy' visits. To do so I had to go through an hour & a half orientation and Dallas had to be up to date on all of her shots. She was not too enthuzed about the vet visit. After we hop out of ole Jetta I attach her purple collar & straighten her purple, paisley, powercat bandana and we head inside. There waiting at the 'fun director's' office in our name tags & my list of ladies & gentlemen who are okay with a dog visit. We make our way around the visiting the verious tennants. Dallas wasn't too sure about everything, all the different smells, temperatures, and voices. People wanted to shake her paw, but the she doesn't understand, "doggie let me have your paw." So, we have a little training to do. It was nice talking to the elderly and seeing some of them lighten up when Dallas strolled in. I had one lady, Helen, who said that this made her day! I hope that Dallas warms up and enjoys it as much as the ladies (mainly the one's who enjoyed her company) did.
Dallas when we got back home
I would also like to mention, when we visited McRite I took notice to my list of occupants; the names stood out. I love it! I love all the 'earlier generation' names, I find them very intriguing. There was a Gertie, Helen, Nola, Betty, Dottie, Glen, Violet, Alta, Pearl, Marcella, Mildred, Sophie, Elwood, Edna, Dorothy, Wilma, Marge, Beulah, and many more! One just doesn't hear those anymore, don't get me started on the names you do hear ;)

Another first this week... I planted flowers in pots. I'm not one to buy flowers and re-plant them. I don't have a green thumb once so ever. Yes, I worked in lawn & garden and studied crop science, but that doesn't mean these flowers will survive. Good news though they are still blooming and standing tall and it's been about four days!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Another Gal...

... Miranda Lambert, that is. I not only LOVE her music but I just think she is another all around country lady. This Texas native can belt some tunes, but she has also started MuttNation Foundation which is a Foundation that raises funds in order to support other organizations and governmental institutions or entities whose purpose is to build animal shelters for better care; increase pet adoption and encourage responsible pet guardianship; rehabilitate sick or unsocialized animals; fund spay/neuter programs; reduce/eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals; and train shelter dogs for purposes of therapy programs, assistance for wounded military personnel and dogs-in-prisons programs.

 However, she's not your normal celebrity pet lover... she owns a 700 acre ranch in Oklahoma next to her soon to be hubby's ranch. Here she enjoys her off time of outdoor fun, fishing, & hunting. This farm raised girl truly knows the difference between a pet animal and a food animal. Which brings me to the reason I wrote this post. I was catching up on my blog reading and checked out Crystal.Cattle's post about food animals mentioning Ms. Lambert's opinion on the topic. I went to her Health magazine article and read the interview (which you can also do), but my favorite question was:

                                      Q: Was it hard slaughtering animals that were your pets?

                     A: Dad would give us two rabbits as our pets, or we’d have one pig we could name. They explained that not every animal was a pet—some were providing for our family. It sounds weird to other people, but I look at it like, there are some animals you feed and some animals that feed you.

This quote gave me an all new respect for her because
nowadays these actors, actresses, musicians "google"
animal cruelty and join some Peta/HSUS organization
and don't even realize what they are supporting. I hope
she further spreads the word of her Foundation,  
continues her awesome doggie saving duties, and and
doesn't fall into the mainstream ways.

And of coarse if I could talk to her I would wish her luck
in her wedding & up coming year! Here is one of my favorite
songs by Miranda Lambert: 'The House That Built Me.'