Monday, May 9, 2011

First week of May!

This week was filled with some firsts besides just the number one.
On Tuesday, I took Dallas to McRite Retirement Plaza for some 'pet therapy' visits. To do so I had to go through an hour & a half orientation and Dallas had to be up to date on all of her shots. She was not too enthuzed about the vet visit. After we hop out of ole Jetta I attach her purple collar & straighten her purple, paisley, powercat bandana and we head inside. There waiting at the 'fun director's' office in our name tags & my list of ladies & gentlemen who are okay with a dog visit. We make our way around the visiting the verious tennants. Dallas wasn't too sure about everything, all the different smells, temperatures, and voices. People wanted to shake her paw, but the she doesn't understand, "doggie let me have your paw." So, we have a little training to do. It was nice talking to the elderly and seeing some of them lighten up when Dallas strolled in. I had one lady, Helen, who said that this made her day! I hope that Dallas warms up and enjoys it as much as the ladies (mainly the one's who enjoyed her company) did.
Dallas when we got back home
I would also like to mention, when we visited McRite I took notice to my list of occupants; the names stood out. I love it! I love all the 'earlier generation' names, I find them very intriguing. There was a Gertie, Helen, Nola, Betty, Dottie, Glen, Violet, Alta, Pearl, Marcella, Mildred, Sophie, Elwood, Edna, Dorothy, Wilma, Marge, Beulah, and many more! One just doesn't hear those anymore, don't get me started on the names you do hear ;)

Another first this week... I planted flowers in pots. I'm not one to buy flowers and re-plant them. I don't have a green thumb once so ever. Yes, I worked in lawn & garden and studied crop science, but that doesn't mean these flowers will survive. Good news though they are still blooming and standing tall and it's been about four days!!!

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Kelsey Pope said...

Good for you and Dallas! And beautiful flowers. :)