Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue, Purple, Black, ... yellow

(note: I've had this one written for a while just never post until now)

Hematomas. Blemishes. Boo boos. Contusions. Injuries. Marks. Spots..... BRUISES.

Medically they are defined as an injury transmitted through unbroken skin to underlying tissue causing rupture of small blood vessels & escape of blood into the tissue with resulting discoloration. Basically, a colorful spot on the skin that changes as the days go by.
These glorious spots come in all shapes & sizes too! Being a girl in agriculture, a recreational softball lady, a KSU rugger alum, a Topeka Capital City Crusher rollergirl, & an overall klutz, I have had my fare share of bruises. Ones ranging from triangles, to hooves, to softballs, to cleats, & even to skates... yes, you could point out the two different sets of wheels! No picture proof of that beauty though...its location was a little too far up the skirt if you know what I mean.

Thursday, May 12th floor slam

Now, there are some people who it takes a real good hit for any color change at all, while others may bump into a corner & have a black spot the next day. Me, it depends on location... Arms: kind of easy; finger/upper palm: hard; Lower palm: easy; butt &amp back: hard; thighs: easy; & calves/shins: mixed.
My most recent beaut is on my palm... I have another on my tailbone bit it's hiding (no color showed up). The palmer started changing by the end of practice & got some real good purple & blue hues by the next afternoon. Some just change over time, even turn a stailish yellow too! With these rough sports come bragging rights, if you walked through the changing area before or after practice I'm sure you could hear at least one girl saying, "hey! check this one out!!!" Posting pictures of them isn't out of the norm either. I know of rugby bloggers & derby facebookers that have injury sections where you send in your best colors.
Yeah, I bet you thought you'd never read a blog about bruises but I was bored & checking out my hand ...

I'll tie it up with...

Skate, Play, and Walk safe out there!!! :)

Rugby fall of 2009

March 2011 Skate Scrape

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