Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Project 365 entry.... catching up :p

PHOTO #58/365 Monday, May 9th
Came into the bedroom only to find this little gremlin

PHOTO #59/365 Tuesday, May 10th
At practice I found out I made my first Bout roster against Wichita's ICT on June 11th.... yall better be there!

PHOTO #60/365 Wednesday, May 11th
Take my first baby pictures... of my friend, Angela's grandson Breckin

PHOTO #61/365 Thursday, May 12th
A new site I am sadly addicted to

PHOTO #62/365 Friday, May 13th
My awesome hand bruise from last nights practice. Doesn't hurt as bad as it looks

PHOTO #63/365 Saturday, May 14th
Paul & I saw Chris Hennessey & Jamey Johnson at Grinders in KC... AWESOME show!!!

PHOTO #64/365 Sunday, May 15th
Paul & I went to the National World War I Museum in KC.
If you haven't been there we recommend you visit it... it's a good one!

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