Wednesday, January 19, 2011



This is the Paul I have been talking about! What a great catch!!! :)

Snow Days!


Especially when I have a camera and when I can play with the dogs. Bruiser, he usually ends up on the porch waiting to go inside after the first romp. Dallas on the other hand absolutly LOVES it too!! It's a blast going out and playing with her!

Hope you enjoyed these snowerific photos! Caught some good one's of Dallas!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't look down...

Open skate night... being on the derby team one gets to go to the open skate nights for free! Which is awesome eight wheel time!!! It teaches us dodging; between all those little tikes, texting teens, and lovestruck couples. One thing I also like to do is people watch and Saturday night some of the derby girls brought their boyfriends. A little wobbly at first with their short strides and choppy corners, while they listen to their gals... don't look down, don't think about it, just one foot over the other, use your weight this way, etc, etc. I found it very entertaining and cute... usually the male in the relationship is the trainer and the female the trainee. I cant wait to get Paul out onto the rink and show him the ropes! :)
Another group I enjoy to watch are the little kids. They are pretty cute out there rolling around... at least until they fall in front of you... guess i need to become a better jumper(note: I have not rolled over any toddlers or their fingers, yet). Some of them are even better then me...which isn't saying much.
If you are ever out in about looking for something to do there s always open skate night!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Roll On

My new thing.... Roller Derby! (As I introduced in my last post). I have been now to "official" practice where I was on skates, 4 times! and one unofficial skate night. I am beginning to LOVE sport! Every year around this time Derby girls everywhere have to pass MSTs, which are the minimal skill requirements in order to play in any bout (aka: game). These would include: skating in derby stance, stopping 3 different ways, falling 3 different ways (MY FAV!), giving whips, taking whips, giving hits, taking hits, weaving through people, etc, oh AND skating 25 laps in 5 minutes!!! The first time I attempted this.... I was with the whole "pack" and everybody was able to help out everybody.... in other words I was behind (being new & out of shape), girls were pushing & whipping me left & right. Everyone finished ahead of me, but I didn't get down because on the sidelines were the ladies whooping & hollering & cheering me on! Some even jumped back in and skated with me until I crossed that 25 lap line! My time: 5min 54seconds, apparently not too bad for my first time. My Second attempt.... different practice, was with everybody, hadn't skated for a while (over xmas), had help.... not really sure what my time was that time. Third attempt.... same practice as 2nd, legs went numb around lap 13ish, lap 17 I wanted to throw in the towel, the girls kept up the encouragement, I took a whip around one curve & straight into the ground I went, (OUCH! that one hurt!). I got up as fast as I could and rolled on. My thighs were burning, I was breathing hard, sweat was rolling down my face, it was all I could do to stay on those eight wheels, and there I was going around the corner on my 24th lap & exactly at halfway I just biff it. Not thought needed I hopped right back up and finished that damn set of 25!!! Time = unknown, I didn't care either, I was just glad to be finished. Then is when I realized I needed to get another inhaler. Fourth attempt.... this one was a "mock MST" test, so every girl for herself, split into smaller groups, someone counting laps for you. I started & I sang "Black Betty" to myself basically the whole time. Didn't have as much trouble as before. Crossed that line.... last again...but with an improved time of 5:38!!! I was supper excited. Now, last night the real MSTs began. We also had a reporter there from the Kansas Living Magazine doing an article on the team so we were all "Roller Derbied" out with fishnets, mini skirts, boy shorts, makeup, etc. Took our picks then took the track for the official 25/5! Of course I drew the first group to be in, I was cold and not really ready but that whistle still blew anyway. I just felt slow, I tried singing and everything. I gave it all I could at the time, I now have that feeling though where you just know you could have done better. I finished about 3-4 laps behind the other 4 in my group with a time of 5min & 27 sec.... Yes, it was better, but I REALLY wanted that 5 minute time. I will get it eventually!!! I didn't start any of my other tests.... I guess they only do 6 girls a night. I am just going to pass what I am able to and work on the rest as I go. I am the newest girl on the team (that has not played before) so I'm going solo into all this.

OH!!! for those of you that don't know what Roller Derby is all about... I would YouTube it or watch whip it... that will give you somewhat of an idea. Basically, there are 5 girls from each team on a round flat track (they do have inclined tracks too). 4 are in the "pack," one of those girls is the "pivot" (the pace setter). 10 feet behind them is the other girl, the jammer (she has a star on her helmet). Whistle blows, the pack takes off together. Another whistle blows, the jammers take off, make their way through the pack. If you fall down you have 2 seconds to get up before a penalty. You can hit each other but no elbows & only between the shoulder & hip. After the jammers get through the pack they hurry & skate around the track and make their way through the pack a second time. This time for every pack member of the opposing team they pass is 1 point. If they pass the jammer of the opposite team that's 5 points. This is what I know of the game.... I probably really won't get it until I play one!