Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't look down...

Open skate night... being on the derby team one gets to go to the open skate nights for free! Which is awesome eight wheel time!!! It teaches us dodging; between all those little tikes, texting teens, and lovestruck couples. One thing I also like to do is people watch and Saturday night some of the derby girls brought their boyfriends. A little wobbly at first with their short strides and choppy corners, while they listen to their gals... don't look down, don't think about it, just one foot over the other, use your weight this way, etc, etc. I found it very entertaining and cute... usually the male in the relationship is the trainer and the female the trainee. I cant wait to get Paul out onto the rink and show him the ropes! :)
Another group I enjoy to watch are the little kids. They are pretty cute out there rolling around... at least until they fall in front of you... guess i need to become a better jumper(note: I have not rolled over any toddlers or their fingers, yet). Some of them are even better then me...which isn't saying much.
If you are ever out in about looking for something to do there s always open skate night!

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