Sunday, December 25, 2011

Visitors for a Dress & XMas :)

I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a fabulous Christmas! I've had plenty of blogging ideas just haven't made it to the computer to sit and write. Hopefully tomorrow I will :)

On another note, my mom & sister made it to town on Thursday. It took them 13 hours to get here!!! It is normally a 9 hour drive. The snow was bad and blowing out in Western Kansas, & Eastern Colorado. Friday, we loaded up and went to Manhattan to try on WEDDING DRESSES! I found one that I'm going to get & absolutely LOVE! It was the 3rd one I tried on and everyone after that the rest just didn't compare to it. I am SUPER excited. Saturday, we took mom & Tess to see the location of the ceremony & wedding. They loved it too! Mom was holding back her tears for sure, which luckily she did otherwise I would've been balling right there with her. The rest of this weekend is rounding out with food, games, & relaxation.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just a Quickie: Horse Slaughter & Stamps

As I was sitting down eating supper tonight, Paul (who knows my stance on the subject), asked if I had heard the rumor of the horse slaughter ban being lifted. I hadn't, but I also hadn't had any time lately to read any of my Ag news or blogs.
Once finished, I jumped on the PC and searched. According to multiple newspapers & ABC news, they stated that in November, Obama quietly signed a bill that would reverse the 2006 decision. The slaughterhouses may be up & running within 90 days if they are able. Note: this doesn't mean I will be heading to my nearest diner for a horse steak anytime soon. I would love to talk more about it, but I am tired at the moment (just wanted to post a quickie) AND more importantly, I am one who believes in doing their research before running their mouth... SO I would like to find out more before I say too much.
Here's just a couple of the sites I read:
 - Progressive Cattleman
 - ABC news
 - PETA  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) - yes, they even had an article about the ban lift. They agreed it didn't work, then went on about the transportation issues & how they would like to see a ban on slaughter & exportation of live animals in order for it to work. If you read this article, remember that this group will say anything & dramatize everything to get you to believe the livestock, horse racing, rodeo, & any other animal industry is evil. Personally, I'm for 'People Eating Tasty Animals'  :)

....which brings me to another point.
         When mailing your Christmas cards out this year, please support agriculture & use the holiday stamps! There's a new stamp in town, ones with a different vegetarian (past & present) on them. Read more on my friend Kelsey Pope's agriculture blog, Ag on the Forefront.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My 1st Michigan Trip!

This past weekend Paul & I racked up a whopping 1800 miles on Blue. We drove him through Missouri, up into Illinois & Indiana. Then we by-passed Chicago, & up to a little hole in the trees to peek at Lake Michigan! I fell in LOVE! It was gorgeous.

After I played in the chilly water for a while we headed 3 hours into the High Five state to Ann Arbor, where we met up with some of Paul's buddies. We had some beers at Ann Arbor Brew Pub, which were delish. Food was on the mind though & their line was too long, so we headed over to The Blue Tractor. More beers & dinner were in order. I had an amazing BLT made with a fried green tomato! YUM! The boys caught up with shots while the fiance's talked of weddings.

in Ann Arbor

Paul & I in Ann Arbor... of coarse I had to represent K-State @ least one night!!!

The next day, Michigan took on Nebraska! We missed tailgating but viewed the game at another one of Paul's groomsman's houses. Which of coarse followed with some get-to-know-ya-catch-up beer pong/flip cup.

Some of Paul's good friends!
Finally, on Sunday we were able to catch up on some sleep only to wake up to meet Paul's aunts, uncles, grandparents, & cousins. The meal was great & the people were very welcoming & nice. It was also my first experience with a grandparent with dementia. Different, but just something you have to cope with. After supper I had a dejavoux. We were sitting around the table & his other grandpa was telling stories, only the way he talked sounded exactly like my grandpa that passed away back in 2000. It was hard to hide my emotions. That night we met up with another groomsmen & his sister that actually live in Colorado but are from Michigan.
Monday morning, Bob Evans called us for breakfast with his family. Then we were off on our 13 1/2 hour drive back to Topeka, KS. This time we dropped down through Indiana, the corner of Illinois, & through St. Louis into KC. It misted on us the whole way back which made for a good photo in St.Louis (if only it was lighter).
the SWEET tote Paul's mom made me for my birthday!

The view of St. Louis Monday night from in the truck on the bridge
 I met some great new friends, new 'soon-to-be' family & saw some great places!
I can't wait to get back & see more of the state, maybe even cross the pond, Canada!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Mania

This past weekend, I took Big Blue (Paul's truck) down to Wichita Friday night for the American Agri-Women conference. I was unable to make the first few days, but I arrived just in time to help put together some awesome decorations... KUDOS to the Bammerlin ladies for working their tails off... along with the rest of the decoration committee! This was my first conference & I am excited to hit up next years in Colorado! After a night of 'taste testing' wines & getting my sleeping arrangements re-located at 3am (I think) I was ready to go home Sunday for a little bit of rest.
Now, I'm taking a break while getting ready to head to the 'The Big High Five' state... Michigan... with Paul. This will be another little test, a 13 hour drive, which I'm confident we'll pass. Saturday, I'm going to get my Blue & Maize on tailgating for the Michigan vs. Nebraska game. Sunday, Paul just informed me they're having a family dinner, including lots of family it sounds like *yikes*- I always get nervous meeting the 'in-laws even though I'm sure it'll be fine. I told Paul I just want to see a lighthouse, as I have never seen one before, let alone been anywhere up in that Northern area. I'm excited!!
I better get back to packing :p

P.S. on an engagement update: I did make a dress trying on appointment this week for when my mom & sister come to town in December :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Candlelight & Quiz Time :)


Here's the scoop:
           Friday night after Paul & I spray tanned & ate dinner we came home, only I wasn't feeling very well so we laid in bed. I lit some candles so I didn't have to have the big overhead light shining in my eyes ... we'll just say they were Paul's idea :).  We were playing a quiz game... the kind like 'Newlyweds,' with questions like "What's my favorite color?" & "What's my favorite food?" I had just finished a spiel about how much I love cheese & it was his turn to ask a question, he leans over me & asks "Alicia, will you marry me?" I respond, "what?" he repeats, "will you marry me?" I respond, "Are you joking?" he comes back with, "this is the third & last time, will you marry me?" then of coarse I say yes!!!!
          While laying there giggling I reach for my phone to call the parents & announce it to the facebook world, Paul hastily stops me & says, "now don't go facebooking it just yet! I have to tell my parents first. My mom said she'd kill me if she ever found out through facebook." Well that deserved my comeback of "well, you better call them right now!" Note: it was 10pm our time, 11pm his parents time, & 9pm my parents time. First up, his mom... she was nice & congratulatory. His dad was out hunting & already in bed. Next, my parents, but before I hit the green button I bet Paul my mom would say, "what are you pregnant?" ... sadly, I have tricked her multiple times with the "mom I have something to tell you" line with pregnancy being the answer. That may come to bite me in the butt later when I really am prego. Any who, once she picks up I tell her I have some news... I won that bet! haha. After I tell her that we're engaged her response went something like, "well, bout fucking time!" in a loud, laughing, happy tone. My mom gets in curse crazy modes & I think she was in one that night :) If only we had a swear jar out, we could have paid for this shindig with all her swearing.... huh, I guess that's where I get it from too. my dad was laying next to her with his sleep apnea machine one, which makes him sound like the McDonald's drive through. He had already gone to sleep but kind of woke up &said something happy that I didn't understand. He later congratulated me on Sunday with out the machine. Saturday we got a hold of Paul's dad, he was really excited & happy too. He cried he was so happy for Paul.
        I don't have the ring just yet. It has to be paid off before Paul can take it home. We went & looked at rings a while back to give him an idea of what I likeed. He did tell me what it looks like, it's custom made which is neat that I'll have the only one like it! ... not to brag or anything ;) It's white gold, princess cut, .& around the band is engravings with little diamonds (kind of a vintagy look to it). It's out of Meierotto Midwest Jewelers in Kansas City. I can't wait to see it! Once I get it I will be quick to post pictures!
      Another romantic note to my weekend:
      When we were at Jaclyn's birthday party there was a DJ with karaoke & dancing. Well, Paul is like the karaoke king, especially when he's drinking. He is actually really good too! He sticks to Johnny Cash, Bob Seger, Toby Kieth, & mainly other country guys. A good couple hours into the party, Paul gets up there with the mic & announces, "this next song goes out to my new fiance, Alicia Gettel, I love you!"
The song is:

He also inserts my name into the chorus & finishes it off with an, "I love you Alicia Gettel" then kisses me on the dance floor... yep I teared up.
I love him & can't wait to begin planning this shindig of 2012!!! Stay tuned for more planning stories & I'm sure a web page thing :)

October Love

October is a FABULOUS month!!!
I love the colors.
I love the weather.
I love the candy, cookies, & treats.
I love the decorations.
I love the pumpkins.
I love the costumes!

Paul & I went to a pumpkin patch (a requirement in my book), enjoyed watching the kids, munched on some delicious cider doughnuts, picked our pumpkins, & sipped cider. It was a great day!!! Once home, we carved those puppies up... can you tell which one is mine?!? :) ... I actually got the idea for mine of Pinterest.

Of coarse we dressed up... well, it was my friends' themed birthday party but everyone considered it good for Halloween too! It was a Jersey Shore theme!!! :) Yep good ole Snooki, The Situation & GTL times.... My friend (who's birthday it was), Jaclyn, loves Jersey Shore & this year is her 30th so she wanted to go all out & thought of this idea back in July. Then when I came home from the hospital I thought I would check out this whole Jersey Shore thing. You know to get ideas.... well, I'll admit I got hooked. It's totally trashy & lame but for some reason I tune into it. One thing Paul & I have in common is when we dress up we believe if you're going to do it, you better do it right! I went as JWOWW & Paul went as Ronnie.

Me, Brooklyn, Jaclyn (the birthday girl!), & Misty
Paul actually shaved off his beard!!! I have only seen him with his beard & a goatee, so this was a first for me. It was quite humorous because we both got spray tans the night before, only he shaved right before the party so it was white where his beard was. When we walked in nobody recognized him! People's reactions were priceless. It was a fabulous a night of wigs, fake tans, & fist pumping.

Who knows what next years Halloween will bring?!?

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little Contest :)

Today at work we had a site breakfast with a themed photography contest. Theme: Shining the Light.
I entered the following photo.... and it WON The Judges Choice & Warm & Fuzzy award. Yippy! It's not a huge contest by any means but it was fun & nice to show off my photo. There were lots of other great photos too... So, Congrats to them as well!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bulldoggin' It Up!

Three & half years ago I ran accross a flyer of a bulldog. I've always loved them & have a gooshy place in my heart for those dopey dogs. I stopped by, checked this bulldog, Bruiser, out. Turns out the family just had a baby & wanted to get rid of the dog - who was 4 years old by this point (they had him since a pup). He was underweight & bored out of his mind. They handed me his file which showed he was a petland pup who spent more time at his vet then at home (they boarded him just to have 'dog-free' weekends). After that I loaded him into the Jetta.  Dallas didn't approve of this 'adoption,' it took a while for her to warm up to him.
At the time I lived in Manhattan, we would go on walks & Bruiser would take to rolling. Not a gentle romp in the grass, but more of a flop onto his back in the middle of the sidewalk or street, totally regardless of people & or vehicles. Once we moved to the country I discovered his true favorite toy, a 5 gallon bucket! Absolutly loves them, they are his crack! If there's no bucket around he'll settle for a 55 gallon trash barrel too. I like to say he's my special ed & that is his helmet. He also LOVES boxes & water/pop bottles (20oz-2 litre). If you bring home a t.v. turn your back on the box he will have it ripped to shreds in seconds! With the bottles his first goal is getting that darn cap off. You could tighten it with he-man strength & he'll have it off in no time... maybe I should try some JB weld or lock tight :) Stuffed animals are a nice treat, first thing he does to them is chew their eyes & nose off. It's kind of disterbing around the house, we'll have faceless (or headless) stuffed toys laying around. Bruiser won't refuse a car ride either, especially riding shotgun! Water is another great entertainment piece. Him around a fountain, you know the kind that sprise pop out of the ground that kids play in, is extremely halarious. A creek or flooding street with sticks will also keep him busy.
Oh, Bruiser... he has 3 tricks: sit, laydown, & speak. If you hold the treat long enough he will sit & run through his 'routine' before you even say sit.

On his warning lable:
 - When riding in vehicles: he will jump at overhead bridges, semi trucks, loud motorcycles, & hail. Also, bites the air if head out of window... would probably jump if it was far enough down.
 - During rainy season wish for NO thunder & lightning or have a saferoom. He runs from wall to wall barking at lighting & thunder. He gets locked in the basement with the lights on at our house.
 - Wheels: Dangerous. Will take out your bike OR skates. Attacks the lawnmover. Chases any vehicle. (note: has been run over for doing this...twice)
 - Will beg for a place in bed or on the couch...especially if it's cold.

 He's great at kennelling up & dressing up... a real ham! He's a true people lover, even with the little ones, he just walks up, gives a big kiss & sits. That darn dog may make a mess but he also can light up your day with just one look.

.... I may start a Bruiser story or picture of the week... he always has one for me :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laundry day

As I was putting my laundry away today I looked in my drawer...

I always have known I was a t-shirt gal, but when you take a look into my drawer it really defines my high points. K-State purple. Green & Black Crushers. John Deere. Hill's royal blue. A little breast cancer pink. Red Horsetooth, FoCo (red's my one of my favorite colors). I truly LOVE t-shirts! Clever Sayings, "You train to look good. We train to kick your ass," places I've been, concerts I've seen, causes I support, & my new t-shirt love is roller derby team shirts! 
Some girls don't like them because they 'aren't flattering,' awe horseshit! There's different types & even ways you can cut them to style 'em up. We do it all the time in derby. Here's a blog I stumbled over on pinterest that gives tips on different t-shirt ideas. Jewelry also dresses it up a notch. There's just something about pulling on that cotton top with a saying/picture accross my boobs that I find so comforting. If you spot a good one pass it on! :)

Does your drawer define you?!?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


(sorry about the last entry, not sure why only half of it showed up)

Justin Moore

Randy Rogers Band
Last week was my mom's birthday and well I had an extra vacation day to burn & thought, "well, heck I haven't been home for mom's birthday in forever..." For her birthday, my parents always host a camp out, nutfry, hayride, & I have missed it EVERY year since they started it.

Miranda Lambert

Pistol Annies
SO.... Around the first I turned in my vacation for Friday, October 7th... which worked out awesome since the Miranda Lambert concert was the Thursday before. Paul was able to get off too!

Thursday, the 6th, Paul & I headed to the expocenter to see one of my favorite singers & bands of all time! Miranda Lambert & The Pistol Annies!!!! Opening for them was The Randy Rogers Band & Justin Moore! Both also equally awesome. Needless to say it was a great show!

Friday I forgot to turn off my work alarm so there it was rubbing in my throbbing head at 6:30 am... which turned out to work for the better. Paul & I were on the road by 8:30! Props out to us, I rarely leave early for long drives.

Three hours in we receive a text from my dad saying the hayride party was cancelled. We were both bummed but I knew the schedule would change when they knew we were there, haha! Called mom around 'getting out of work time' to find out where she was & what they were up to. No clue. Stopped in Boulder to pick up some balloons & flowers to go to mom's work & embarrass her, only when we were pulling into the parking lot there she was climbing into her truck. Paul non shlantly drives up, "Excuse me, mam?'" She turns around getting ready to respond snotty then realized it was us & nearly peed her pants in laughter. Haha! It was great! Definitely in the top 3 mom surprises! Of coarse not 10 minutes later she called everyone saying the party was back on. Mom & dad also took heat for not making up their minds, which was also kinda funny.

Captain Rod (Dad!)

Causing traffic in Niwot

Saturday, we woke up to cold rain. Colorado was trying to throw some snow at us, but nothing would spoil a Gettel birthday! Around 2pm the campers started arriving & 4 pm we carharted/cubbied up, topped off our hot chocolate & schnapps, & loaded on the trailer. It had stopped raining just for us it seemed. We headed down the dirt road, onto HWY 119 (awesome!), into Niwot (a little rich, yuppy town), & to the liquor store for some refills. I thought some champagne was appropriate. :) Headed back with a shorter highway route... I could only imagine the what people were thinking seeing all of us. Classy! Back at the shop we enjoyed fried pickles, french fries, & Rocky Mountain Oysters! YUM! Then continued into the evening with good ole Gettel fun! Not to mention K-State won against Mizzou bringing them up to 17th!!!!

Sunday, everyone stuck around for a big ole farm breakfast. Afterwards, Paul & I headed out for that 8 hour trip eastward. This time we had to take shifts, mine first. Note: I am an awful long distance driver, I drank 2 Rockstars, 1 Dr. Pepper, ate licorice, Bugals, & chewed 4 pieces of Bubbalicious. 'Hello calories!' Goodland, Paul was up for his shift!
Overall it was a short but excellent trip. Saw a lot of cousins & friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.
~ Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! ~ 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Regionals Update

Regionals was a blast!... and I was only there one day. I arrived a little late and missed the Bout between Omaha Roller Girls & No Coast Derby Girls (Lincoln, NE). Their final score was Omaha 45 - No Coast 159. I got there during the break before the bout of Green County (Tulsa, OK) and Gold Coast (Ft Lauderdale, FL). This was an excellent bout! One that went back and forth up until the very last jam. The final score ended up being Green County 127 - Gold Coast 137.   Then the girls and I went and ate at Nara, a sushi place... and it was happy hour for food & drinks, SCORE! Once we returned we finished up the next bout, Atlanta Rollergirls  vs Houston Roller Derby with a final score of Atl 133 - Hstn 117. Bout 4 consisted of the Nashville Rollergirls taking on the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins with a final score of Nash 122 - TB 102. At 6pm the Texas Rollergirls (aka: The Texacutioners - Love it!) took on No Coast Derby Girls. Unfortunately for No Coast the score was TX 274-No Coast 64. For the last bout of the day... it was our home team! The Kansas City Roller Warriors taking on Gold Coast Derby Girls. They also rolled over Gold Coast with a 274 to 36 victory.
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it back Saturday or Sunday. I did catch the final 2011 WFTDA Southcentral title taking game online! It was an excellent game as well and only wish I could have been there! 
Here are the scores from the rest of the weekend:

Saturday, October 1st
10am – Bout 7: Omaha Roller Girls 103 vs Houston Roller Derby 170
12pm – Bout 8: Green Country Derby Girls 130 vs Tampa Bay Derby Darlins 117
2pm – Bout 10: Nashville Rollergirls 75 vs Texas Rollergirls 218
4pm – Bout 9: Atlanta Rollergirls 96 vs Kansas City Roller Warriors 220
6pm – Bout 11: Houston Roller Derby 138 vs Gold Coast Derby Girls 106
8pm – Bout 12: Green Country Derby Girls 41 vs No Coast Derby Girls 163

Sunday, October 2nd
10am – Bout 13: Omaha Roller Girls 73 vs Tampa Bay Derby Darlins 176 (9th Place)
12pm – Bout 14: Gold coast Derby Girls 97 (8th Place) vs Green Country Roller Girls 144 (7th Place)
2pm – Bout 15: Houston Roller Derby 173 (5th Place) vs No Coast Derby Girls 157 (6th Place)
4pm – JR Derby Showcase
4:30pm – Bout 16: Atlanta Rollergirls 38 (4th Place) vs Nashville Rollergrils 213 (3rd Place)
6:30pm – Bout 17: Kansas City Roller Warriors 92 (2nd Place) vs Texas Rollergirls 132 (Champions)

Congratulations to all the ladies who participated!!!

Now, a few ladies and myself will be off to Broomfield, CO for Nationals in November to watch our regional ladies The Texacutioners, The KC Warriors, and The Nashville Rollergirls take on ladies from the East, the West, and the North Central.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Derby Day!

I LOVE this pic!!!

Roller Derby that is!!!

heck yes! Derby Band aides
Today's post ALL derby... why? Because I am excited! Last night I strapped on my skates for the first time since the end of may! I was a little wobbly at first but then I picked it right back up & it was GRRREAT! Oh how I missed it. Plus, today I am headed to Kansas City to meet up with some of my fellow crushers to watch the 2011 WFTDA Southwest Regional Playoffs, where we are going to watch our #1 KC Warriors take on some other great teams in our region (Nebr, Tenn, TX, Atl, etc). I also LOVE their logo this year... a COW and I love cows! The tournament will start out today, go through tomorrow, and play off on Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to work on Sunday & will miss the final title taking game.
Then the winner will head to Broomfield, CO for the Continental Divide & Conquer 2011 WFTDA Championships. I would love to go & had plans to fully attend & show my family this wonderful sport that I am involved in, only I don't think I am going to be able to make that drive this time. SO... any of you Colorado peeps should take a trip to the rink & cheer on your local gals & have a great time for me!

me at the 2011 St.Patricks parade

love pin-ups

Now, in these titles you may notice 'WFTDA' that stands for Women's Flat Track Derby Association. If you check out this site it has all the teams rankings, roller derby association rules, the community, a store, any sponsor information, a 'MVP,' & updating scores of Bouts being played all over. If you're looking for a team in your area this would also be a good starting place to find one. Just a note though, there are other teams that aren't listed WFTDA, as there are more recreational teams (for instance the Capital City Crushers are more rec than competitive - don't get me wrong we love to whoop a girls ass but we have a lot of mom's, full workers, & busy ladies that just want to play) and there are also 'outlaw derby' which are teams that play without minors (there are penalty calls: major & minor). Dead Girl Derby in KC is our 'local' outlaw team. I haven't been to one of their Bouts yet, but hopefully I'll make it to one & check it out.

gotta love a good T-shirt

The crazy thing about derby is that we are girls of all different colors. If you join a team you should be an open minded person culturally... I mean we have ladies that are teachers, nurses, animal care techs, students, government workers. We have country girls, moms, hard rockers, grandmamas, tattooed up ladies, afraid to tattoo ladies, lesbians, straights, older girls, young girls, the list is really endless but no matter what once everyone gets on their eight wheels & rolls onto that rink we are ALL roller girls & got each others back no matter what! I love all the different people I meat & I learn a lot & I wouldn't change a thing.

Embroidery pattern, I would change it to my name

I have also found with all these different fabulous ladies, comes tons of 'derby garb'... Socks, jewelry, tutus, tights, make-up, and a new name. Mine, I am Bruisin' Bourbon, number 125. Why you ask the name change? It's our derby persona, that's our alter ego. I love a good bruise, giving a good bruise, & a good glass of whiskey & the highest percent alcohol in a whiskey I have seen is 125proof. Oh & I better mention there are NO two names alike... we have a database where when you join & pick a name you can see if your taking someones or if you are truly original.
Also, here are some picks of just derby stuff I love & you can check out my derby board on Pinterest.
Well, I better get a rollin' to the big KC in the big Blue ... I had to barrow Paul's lovely ford b/c I don't think Black Betty will do good on an hour hwy drive & in the big city.

P.S. Please go check out your local roller girls & hell slap on some skates, get a name, and learn the game... trust me nobody knows the rules when they first start. :)

~ Cheers,

Brusin' Bourbon #125

necklace I found on Etsy

Luggage tag

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bows, Rifles, & Shotguns... yes please

This weekend I passed my Kansas Hunter's Education course... 100%!!!

The Recurve Bow
Most thought I already had my safety card, but I didn't. I had always shot clays or just on private property. I did learn the only time you don't have to have a license is if you are the sole owners of that 'private property,' or if you are making/losing money off of your daddy's land. At first I thought I was going to be one of few older students because most people I know receive their license when they are a kid, I wasn't (So, don't be afraid b/c of your age, there are plenty others out there too!). I've been around guns before and own my own shotgun and I can honestly say I did learn some new facts, tips, & information this weekend. The class consisted of a 2 hour session on Wednesday night, an all day class outside on Saturday, and a hands on class Sunday afternoon. Sunday included a mock quail walk, a rifle range, shooting clays, and archery range. In the past I have only shot a recurve bow, Sunday I was able to shoot it plus a compound bow for the first time. The difference between the two is the recurve bow is a lot older, usually wood & one single string. The compound bow is comprimised of pully type ends that loop the string and bring more power to the arrows. It was fun shooting one and I would like to have one of my own in the future! (I can't shoot Paul's because it is too strong for me- each one is set at a specific weight ideal  for each person)

The Compound Bow

 I urge everyone to get out there and take their nearest hunter's education course, even if you don't plan on hunting it's just good knowledge to have. To find out more where your nearest class is being offered just google your state's wildlife and parks department and you should come accross it under education.
I on the otherhand can't wait to get out there and get a pheasant, turkey, prairie chicken, and maybe a deer! Oh and the bantering between Paul and I has already begun ;)