Monday, October 31, 2011

Candlelight & Quiz Time :)


Here's the scoop:
           Friday night after Paul & I spray tanned & ate dinner we came home, only I wasn't feeling very well so we laid in bed. I lit some candles so I didn't have to have the big overhead light shining in my eyes ... we'll just say they were Paul's idea :).  We were playing a quiz game... the kind like 'Newlyweds,' with questions like "What's my favorite color?" & "What's my favorite food?" I had just finished a spiel about how much I love cheese & it was his turn to ask a question, he leans over me & asks "Alicia, will you marry me?" I respond, "what?" he repeats, "will you marry me?" I respond, "Are you joking?" he comes back with, "this is the third & last time, will you marry me?" then of coarse I say yes!!!!
          While laying there giggling I reach for my phone to call the parents & announce it to the facebook world, Paul hastily stops me & says, "now don't go facebooking it just yet! I have to tell my parents first. My mom said she'd kill me if she ever found out through facebook." Well that deserved my comeback of "well, you better call them right now!" Note: it was 10pm our time, 11pm his parents time, & 9pm my parents time. First up, his mom... she was nice & congratulatory. His dad was out hunting & already in bed. Next, my parents, but before I hit the green button I bet Paul my mom would say, "what are you pregnant?" ... sadly, I have tricked her multiple times with the "mom I have something to tell you" line with pregnancy being the answer. That may come to bite me in the butt later when I really am prego. Any who, once she picks up I tell her I have some news... I won that bet! haha. After I tell her that we're engaged her response went something like, "well, bout fucking time!" in a loud, laughing, happy tone. My mom gets in curse crazy modes & I think she was in one that night :) If only we had a swear jar out, we could have paid for this shindig with all her swearing.... huh, I guess that's where I get it from too. my dad was laying next to her with his sleep apnea machine one, which makes him sound like the McDonald's drive through. He had already gone to sleep but kind of woke up &said something happy that I didn't understand. He later congratulated me on Sunday with out the machine. Saturday we got a hold of Paul's dad, he was really excited & happy too. He cried he was so happy for Paul.
        I don't have the ring just yet. It has to be paid off before Paul can take it home. We went & looked at rings a while back to give him an idea of what I likeed. He did tell me what it looks like, it's custom made which is neat that I'll have the only one like it! ... not to brag or anything ;) It's white gold, princess cut, .& around the band is engravings with little diamonds (kind of a vintagy look to it). It's out of Meierotto Midwest Jewelers in Kansas City. I can't wait to see it! Once I get it I will be quick to post pictures!
      Another romantic note to my weekend:
      When we were at Jaclyn's birthday party there was a DJ with karaoke & dancing. Well, Paul is like the karaoke king, especially when he's drinking. He is actually really good too! He sticks to Johnny Cash, Bob Seger, Toby Kieth, & mainly other country guys. A good couple hours into the party, Paul gets up there with the mic & announces, "this next song goes out to my new fiance, Alicia Gettel, I love you!"
The song is:

He also inserts my name into the chorus & finishes it off with an, "I love you Alicia Gettel" then kisses me on the dance floor... yep I teared up.
I love him & can't wait to begin planning this shindig of 2012!!! Stay tuned for more planning stories & I'm sure a web page thing :)


Home on the Range Exchange said...

YAY! I am super happy for you. If you need wedding planning help you know I'm here for ya! Oh yea, I can't wait to see the ring.

Crystal Cattle said...

That is so sweet! And I love that you have a fiscally responsible husband. Thanks for your comment our my engagement photos! Highly recommend them. Have a wonderful time being engaged.