Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laundry day

As I was putting my laundry away today I looked in my drawer...

I always have known I was a t-shirt gal, but when you take a look into my drawer it really defines my high points. K-State purple. Green & Black Crushers. John Deere. Hill's royal blue. A little breast cancer pink. Red Horsetooth, FoCo (red's my one of my favorite colors). I truly LOVE t-shirts! Clever Sayings, "You train to look good. We train to kick your ass," places I've been, concerts I've seen, causes I support, & my new t-shirt love is roller derby team shirts! 
Some girls don't like them because they 'aren't flattering,' awe horseshit! There's different types & even ways you can cut them to style 'em up. We do it all the time in derby. Here's a blog I stumbled over on pinterest that gives tips on different t-shirt ideas. Jewelry also dresses it up a notch. There's just something about pulling on that cotton top with a saying/picture accross my boobs that I find so comforting. If you spot a good one pass it on! :)

Does your drawer define you?!?

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

Looks like my clothing collection. I have sooooo many, I'm starting a T-shirt quilt or 2.