Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bulldoggin' It Up!

Three & half years ago I ran accross a flyer of a bulldog. I've always loved them & have a gooshy place in my heart for those dopey dogs. I stopped by, checked this bulldog, Bruiser, out. Turns out the family just had a baby & wanted to get rid of the dog - who was 4 years old by this point (they had him since a pup). He was underweight & bored out of his mind. They handed me his file which showed he was a petland pup who spent more time at his vet then at home (they boarded him just to have 'dog-free' weekends). After that I loaded him into the Jetta.  Dallas didn't approve of this 'adoption,' it took a while for her to warm up to him.
At the time I lived in Manhattan, we would go on walks & Bruiser would take to rolling. Not a gentle romp in the grass, but more of a flop onto his back in the middle of the sidewalk or street, totally regardless of people & or vehicles. Once we moved to the country I discovered his true favorite toy, a 5 gallon bucket! Absolutly loves them, they are his crack! If there's no bucket around he'll settle for a 55 gallon trash barrel too. I like to say he's my special ed & that is his helmet. He also LOVES boxes & water/pop bottles (20oz-2 litre). If you bring home a t.v. turn your back on the box he will have it ripped to shreds in seconds! With the bottles his first goal is getting that darn cap off. You could tighten it with he-man strength & he'll have it off in no time... maybe I should try some JB weld or lock tight :) Stuffed animals are a nice treat, first thing he does to them is chew their eyes & nose off. It's kind of disterbing around the house, we'll have faceless (or headless) stuffed toys laying around. Bruiser won't refuse a car ride either, especially riding shotgun! Water is another great entertainment piece. Him around a fountain, you know the kind that sprise pop out of the ground that kids play in, is extremely halarious. A creek or flooding street with sticks will also keep him busy.
Oh, Bruiser... he has 3 tricks: sit, laydown, & speak. If you hold the treat long enough he will sit & run through his 'routine' before you even say sit.

On his warning lable:
 - When riding in vehicles: he will jump at overhead bridges, semi trucks, loud motorcycles, & hail. Also, bites the air if head out of window... would probably jump if it was far enough down.
 - During rainy season wish for NO thunder & lightning or have a saferoom. He runs from wall to wall barking at lighting & thunder. He gets locked in the basement with the lights on at our house.
 - Wheels: Dangerous. Will take out your bike OR skates. Attacks the lawnmover. Chases any vehicle. (note: has been run over for doing this...twice)
 - Will beg for a place in bed or on the couch...especially if it's cold.

 He's great at kennelling up & dressing up... a real ham! He's a true people lover, even with the little ones, he just walks up, gives a big kiss & sits. That darn dog may make a mess but he also can light up your day with just one look.

.... I may start a Bruiser story or picture of the week... he always has one for me :)

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