Saturday, October 8, 2011

Regionals Update

Regionals was a blast!... and I was only there one day. I arrived a little late and missed the Bout between Omaha Roller Girls & No Coast Derby Girls (Lincoln, NE). Their final score was Omaha 45 - No Coast 159. I got there during the break before the bout of Green County (Tulsa, OK) and Gold Coast (Ft Lauderdale, FL). This was an excellent bout! One that went back and forth up until the very last jam. The final score ended up being Green County 127 - Gold Coast 137.   Then the girls and I went and ate at Nara, a sushi place... and it was happy hour for food & drinks, SCORE! Once we returned we finished up the next bout, Atlanta Rollergirls  vs Houston Roller Derby with a final score of Atl 133 - Hstn 117. Bout 4 consisted of the Nashville Rollergirls taking on the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins with a final score of Nash 122 - TB 102. At 6pm the Texas Rollergirls (aka: The Texacutioners - Love it!) took on No Coast Derby Girls. Unfortunately for No Coast the score was TX 274-No Coast 64. For the last bout of the day... it was our home team! The Kansas City Roller Warriors taking on Gold Coast Derby Girls. They also rolled over Gold Coast with a 274 to 36 victory.
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it back Saturday or Sunday. I did catch the final 2011 WFTDA Southcentral title taking game online! It was an excellent game as well and only wish I could have been there! 
Here are the scores from the rest of the weekend:

Saturday, October 1st
10am – Bout 7: Omaha Roller Girls 103 vs Houston Roller Derby 170
12pm – Bout 8: Green Country Derby Girls 130 vs Tampa Bay Derby Darlins 117
2pm – Bout 10: Nashville Rollergirls 75 vs Texas Rollergirls 218
4pm – Bout 9: Atlanta Rollergirls 96 vs Kansas City Roller Warriors 220
6pm – Bout 11: Houston Roller Derby 138 vs Gold Coast Derby Girls 106
8pm – Bout 12: Green Country Derby Girls 41 vs No Coast Derby Girls 163

Sunday, October 2nd
10am – Bout 13: Omaha Roller Girls 73 vs Tampa Bay Derby Darlins 176 (9th Place)
12pm – Bout 14: Gold coast Derby Girls 97 (8th Place) vs Green Country Roller Girls 144 (7th Place)
2pm – Bout 15: Houston Roller Derby 173 (5th Place) vs No Coast Derby Girls 157 (6th Place)
4pm – JR Derby Showcase
4:30pm – Bout 16: Atlanta Rollergirls 38 (4th Place) vs Nashville Rollergrils 213 (3rd Place)
6:30pm – Bout 17: Kansas City Roller Warriors 92 (2nd Place) vs Texas Rollergirls 132 (Champions)

Congratulations to all the ladies who participated!!!

Now, a few ladies and myself will be off to Broomfield, CO for Nationals in November to watch our regional ladies The Texacutioners, The KC Warriors, and The Nashville Rollergirls take on ladies from the East, the West, and the North Central.

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