Monday, October 31, 2011

October Love

October is a FABULOUS month!!!
I love the colors.
I love the weather.
I love the candy, cookies, & treats.
I love the decorations.
I love the pumpkins.
I love the costumes!

Paul & I went to a pumpkin patch (a requirement in my book), enjoyed watching the kids, munched on some delicious cider doughnuts, picked our pumpkins, & sipped cider. It was a great day!!! Once home, we carved those puppies up... can you tell which one is mine?!? :) ... I actually got the idea for mine of Pinterest.

Of coarse we dressed up... well, it was my friends' themed birthday party but everyone considered it good for Halloween too! It was a Jersey Shore theme!!! :) Yep good ole Snooki, The Situation & GTL times.... My friend (who's birthday it was), Jaclyn, loves Jersey Shore & this year is her 30th so she wanted to go all out & thought of this idea back in July. Then when I came home from the hospital I thought I would check out this whole Jersey Shore thing. You know to get ideas.... well, I'll admit I got hooked. It's totally trashy & lame but for some reason I tune into it. One thing Paul & I have in common is when we dress up we believe if you're going to do it, you better do it right! I went as JWOWW & Paul went as Ronnie.

Me, Brooklyn, Jaclyn (the birthday girl!), & Misty
Paul actually shaved off his beard!!! I have only seen him with his beard & a goatee, so this was a first for me. It was quite humorous because we both got spray tans the night before, only he shaved right before the party so it was white where his beard was. When we walked in nobody recognized him! People's reactions were priceless. It was a fabulous a night of wigs, fake tans, & fist pumping.

Who knows what next years Halloween will bring?!?