Thursday, August 26, 2010

update... busy week!

marathon wise, i was kind of slacking for the past week or so. Not happy with myself for that, so i've added more little reminders all over my house. im like one of those crazy post-it ladies. after I got back into gear on sunday, monday i had a sixty five mintue four mile which is ten minutes better than before. that time i took dallas with me, she pooped out around mile three, so i had to play motivator the last mile. she didnt seem to enthuzed by that. tuesday i walked a eighty two mintue five mile, yes im spelling it out b/c im on my phone and for some reason the numbers arnt working. i took cooper on this walk he did alright, got a little hot and i felt bad not having any water for him. so far those are my big distance accomplishments for this week. now, im in colrado untill sunday. going to hang out with the fam and attend a wedding. maybe even get in some boating and walking here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oh Cooper...

The past two endurance walks... 4 miles. I took the same route I have been taking, over the hills. I also took Cooper with me. Only this time we came across some horses. Now, Cooper does absolutely fine if they are just standing there. However, after about 50yards of just staring at each other, one of the horses gets a wild kick and gets the others running. Cooper thinks it's a game - did I mention he is still ON the leash - he goes running & bouncing in their direction with me attached. Finally, we get past... little turd! As we head back, I had him off the leash, after much coaxing he stayed on the road past the horses, thankfully too, because the owner was out feeding and I don't think she would've been too impressed with a 100ish pound dog chasing her horses.
It took me 75 minutes to do the 4 miles. A little sore, feet hot, a blister...sad I know, but oh well, that's why they call it training. I'm not quiting either!!! - that's what I just keep repeating to myself. This next week I need to stay more on top of my training that's for sure!!!