Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Time...

I am currently home in Colorado for the holidays! The past 4 days have been great, although I do wish that there was some Colorado snow on the ground. Christmas was a whopping 53 degrees! The family is good, just trying to stay busy. Today everybody else is either at work or judging practice (Tess received a chance to go to the Arizona Stock Show for a livestock judging contest:) so I have a few minutes to update you all on how everything has been going.
I moved to Topeka at the end of September, which brought my 125 mile round trip daily commute down to a huge 3 mile round trip jaunt! My ole jetta is loving me now. It has also improved some of my friendships with my Topekan friends.... it's nice being able to just drive over for dinner if someones having a bad day or just has extra food. Work is going good.
My personal life.... well, it was hitting a bumpy road for a while but I think I am figuring everything out. It's the first time I have lived alone since living in the dorms...even then I had a roomie. Now, I just have my crazy mutts keeping me busy! Oh, and I do have a new fellow in my life!!! I met him back in Colorado a while back, he works with my brother at a diesel shop. After my break-up, Paul and I began talking on Facebook (of course ;) then once a week turned into three times a week, turned into every day, then twice a day. We finally decided to call it what it was.... A Relationship!!! a long distance one at that! We met up in Colby, KS one weekend and he flew me out to Colorado another weekend, and now he's staying with me at my parents house for the time that I'm here. He's a great guy and could see something more out of this.... hmmm today is our 2 month anniversary!!! ;)
Enough gushy. Another big activity that I have started in.... yes, can't you tell I like to start random activities/projects/etc .... is Roller Derby!!! One day I was window shopping at wolf's camera & they had out some example products. Most were advertising some club or person. One just happened to be the Capital City Crushers! I checked out their web page, emailed their go-to person, went to the rink & checked out a practice. I enjoyed watching these girls skate around, hitting one another, & learning the aspects of the game. I came back the following Tuesday, strapped on some skates, & got myself out onto the rink. Whew! It has been at least 14 years since I had been on 8 wheels! I started picking it up better than I thought I would. So, I signed the paperwork and joined the team! Now, comes the fun part... practicing, making friends, working hard, and testing myself (watching those tendons of mine). Once you join the team you can go to any open skate night for free and get some practice. I went Saturday and skated for about 3 hours. Still need to relax & work on my balance. That next Tuesday, I got out there with the girls, warmed up, stretched and attempted the 25 in 5 drill. See you have to meet your MSTs to play in a bout (game). These MSTs would include, skating 25 laps in 5 minutes, different stops, slides, hits, jumps, and skating styles. I attempted my first 25-5, when doing so everyone has to try and stay together as a pack & help each other. One girl really helped me out, pushing me, giving me confidence and I finished my 25 laps in a time of 5min 54sec, which was apparently pretty good for a first time. My leg was burning!!! The rest of the practice some of the other players & refs worked with me on some of the other MSTs. I fell, missed turns, did things wrong, but you know I am determined and will eventually get it! Ha! as I was doing some weaving through cones I lost my balance & wham! ooo it was a good fall, it took me a little longer to get up from that one! I love it though and can't wait to learn more and improve my skills!
Other than that.... life is getting back to normal. I better get going.... since I am home I have chores to do!
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and wish you all the best new year!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


well..... it has been a while since i have written last. my life has taken some twists lately, some good, some sad. now, it's time to move on and figure my life out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

update... busy week!

marathon wise, i was kind of slacking for the past week or so. Not happy with myself for that, so i've added more little reminders all over my house. im like one of those crazy post-it ladies. after I got back into gear on sunday, monday i had a sixty five mintue four mile which is ten minutes better than before. that time i took dallas with me, she pooped out around mile three, so i had to play motivator the last mile. she didnt seem to enthuzed by that. tuesday i walked a eighty two mintue five mile, yes im spelling it out b/c im on my phone and for some reason the numbers arnt working. i took cooper on this walk he did alright, got a little hot and i felt bad not having any water for him. so far those are my big distance accomplishments for this week. now, im in colrado untill sunday. going to hang out with the fam and attend a wedding. maybe even get in some boating and walking here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oh Cooper...

The past two endurance walks... 4 miles. I took the same route I have been taking, over the hills. I also took Cooper with me. Only this time we came across some horses. Now, Cooper does absolutely fine if they are just standing there. However, after about 50yards of just staring at each other, one of the horses gets a wild kick and gets the others running. Cooper thinks it's a game - did I mention he is still ON the leash - he goes running & bouncing in their direction with me attached. Finally, we get past... little turd! As we head back, I had him off the leash, after much coaxing he stayed on the road past the horses, thankfully too, because the owner was out feeding and I don't think she would've been too impressed with a 100ish pound dog chasing her horses.
It took me 75 minutes to do the 4 miles. A little sore, feet hot, a blister...sad I know, but oh well, that's why they call it training. I'm not quiting either!!! - that's what I just keep repeating to myself. This next week I need to stay more on top of my training that's for sure!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Print!!!

Yeh! I just sold my first photo today!! horah!!! it's the one on this blog. It was to a friend for her brother, but I still sold it. I am pretty excited about selling my first print. I just had to take a picture!
As for training goes... doing the 4 mile walk tonight....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Themed Three Thursday

Last night the common number to my "training" was 3. Monday, I was supposed to do my endurance walk, only after my chiropractic appointment I was just too sore to race pace 3 miles. Tuesday, I was also too sore. Wednesday, had a headache all day, would've walked but slacked off. Finally, Thursday I had my follow-up chiro appt. Not so much fun (whole different story), but I HAD to do my walk! At 7:58pm I headed North with Cooper. Warmed up, tried a fast pace, up hill. My feet felt hot, and if anyone knows the cure or tips please share. I get a mile and half out, turn around, let Cooper off his leash, and head back. Kind of got a side ache; which is sad, but just kept truckin. Cooper was doing really well too! Finally, get back to the house, 53 minutes! Then I grabbed the other two dogs and took the 3 down the road about a third of a mile for a cool down. After putting them in the house I did 3 sets of push ups and 3 sets of lunges. Once inside I was mixin up some banana bread, it called for 3 bananas. I used 5! Yum! And then for dinner we watched prison break; disc 3. Finally retired for the evening. Hopefully, I'll get the pace picked up, but for those of you who think it sounds easy, try it...up hill too :) who knows what was up with all the threes.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1 Week Down!

I have been meaning to write sooner this week, just didn't get around to it. This weeks "training" was pretty easy... 30 minute walks and today a 3 mile walk - which I will do tonight when it's not so hot out. Covered 2 miles in the 30 minute jaunts. Also learned only one dog accompanies me, Dallas, and she has to be off leash. I don't know if she'll be able to keep it up once the miles increase, she gets pretty worn out towards the end :(. I also had 2 gym days with weights, lunges, sit-ups, & everyone's favorite... the push up!
I came back from my first walk telling Jorge, "well, I had a 16 minute mile!...that's a 7 hour marathon or so." He replied, "well, we better get you an old man with a walker to be your walking buddy!" Great advice ;) My dad's advice... "you'll have to get Jorge driving next to you drinking beer." Dunno how exactly that's supposed to help me... but that's my family for ya.

I did finally retire my Nike maxair livestrongs :( it was about time, my toe was beginning to pop out and the bottom was being held on with super glue. Being located in Kansas, that doesn't leave me many Running/Walking/Outdoorsy..."Bouldery" stores to go to for some real good shoes. After roaming around the mall (which I hate doing with no money), I ran into a friend of mine who informed me about Great Plains Running Company Luckily, it was only a few blocks away. Told the salesman what I do and what my goal was... after all I was also looking for work shoes too. He hooked me up with a pair of Nikes and a pair of Mizunos and of coarse some insoles. They had a bunch of stuff, I'll probably be visiting them quite a bit as the M-day (marathon day) gets closer. Next, came breaking them in. The Nikes are strictly for work and the Mizunos are my walking shoe. The Nikes are a little tight, but I'm hoping they'll be okay. The Mizs are a great shoe. However, my feet seem to be always hot. I don't know if it's just me or what. I even have those coolmax beathable socks. Otherwise...So far, So good. I just hate breaking in shoes!
Yesterday, I visited the much needed chiropractor, Dr. Cortner in Manhattan. It was my first time seeing him, so paperwork! ;) He seems nice and like he knows his stuff. In the morning he took Xrays. Afternoon I came back and his adjustment was like, "wham, bam, thank-you mam!" I go back on Wednesday to go over my rads and discuss what's next. Apparently, my back is all screwy up around my neck and lower back, which could explain my penguin walk or all my headaches. It better be worth it because I am one sore lady today!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Challange....

So, I was clearing off my kitchen table (I'm a pile person) and came across some old printed out work-out sheets. The third one read, "YOU CAN DO IT, You can walk a MARATHON!" Those words kind of sank in a little bit. As the cleaning went on, I kept glancing over at the papers. Thought to myself, " you know alicia, you've been wanting/needing a physical challenge to help you get back into shape. And you know rugby just isn't in the cards anymore..." Once I finally wiped down the entire table I sat. Pondered. Picked up the papers and decided "YES I CAN, what the hell right?!" The next day at work that's all I could think about was marathon this & marathon that. Now, I'm not familiar at all with the whole jogging/walking world. The closest I have come is sprints & Indian runs in practice, chasing an opposing rugger for the tackle, and having the road closed by my parents house in Colorado for some Boulder-athon. Back then we were the ones tipping over the porta-potties the night before ;).
I called Jorge on my lunch break, threw the idea at him and asked if he would be my coach... per say. He said "Alicia, you can do anything you put your mind to, and heck yeah I'll boss you around.... take off your clothes and get to bed!" Yup, that's my coach ;)...and my numero uno supporter!
After that I began researching, I never realized there was so much to think about and preparations to take! First, I needed a date. I wanted something around the 20 week range (that's how long I'll need to train). Second, it has to be close...enough. Third, it has to be legit. I found two, one in Overland park, KS and one in Tulsa, OK. After checking them out I'm going for November 21st, 2010 The Williams Route 66 Marathon! Plus a couple days ahead there's the Fall Classic hog show in Duncan, OK that I would like to attend too!
I now have my training plan all put together. Reading "The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking," by Dave McGovern. Started my walking ... yesterday. A whopping 2.1 miles in 39 minutes... yes horrible, but there's an explanation (excuse), I took Cooper & Dallas. Big mistake!!! Next time either no dogs or just Dallas - she doesn't stop at everything or tangle me up. I would also like to add I will mainly be walking from my house and we are in a hole so I have hills in either direction. I guess it will add to the training! One other thing I would like to add is I am starting this overweight, out of my normal shape, and recovering from last years Achilles tendon issues. So ... BRING IT ON!
Well, just have to talk to my physician otherwise it's a go!!!
I will keep you updated through the training and of course on other random notes ;) oh, and if you have any tips don't hesitate!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crack! Boom! Wheewww-Pop!!

4th of July! Independence Day! America's Birthday!... One of my favorite holidays!!!

Ever since I could remember this day is in my top 3. Good food, friends n family, & fireworks!!!
Sometimes camping and a lake (only not this least the puddle in my driveway isn't big enough for a boat).
When we were little there were always BBQs & partys that our parents were dragging us too. Partys where the older guys would be making "bombs" during the daylight, then draggin out their Wyoming bought fireworks as soon as the sun dropped. It was a blast! I would always beg my mom, "Can we light them now?" "How about now?""Is it time yet?" It would be like 1pm. So, she made sure to always get snakes, smoke bombs, and party pullers for daytime then "the works" for dark! hello Sparklers!! An all-time fav!
Then it became tradition to to to a lake! McCounahay, Nebraska... Horsetooth, Colorado... Glendo, Wyoming...Greyrock, Wyoming...Milford, Kansas...but we always found ourselves back at Glendo. Those were some GREAT times!
Unfortunately, I haven't been to Glendo since 2004 :( It's hard to get off and be able to get home during the summer. However, last year I was able to talk my family (-my bro) to come out to Kansas. They brought the boat, so we hit up Milford. Then of coarse a party.
This year.... I'm collecting that holiday pay & working. My friend had a get-together. I drank, swam/water fight, played beer pong & ate plenty of food. Tonight I had a whole date night planned for Jorge and I... So far it was on hold because of the rain :(

..... For the 4th, Jorge and I ended up going into Manhattan in the rain, hit up a couple firework stands. I love everything from the little dorky stuff - like the chicken who "lays" fireballs - to the artillery shells! After spending some money, dinner was at dairy queen, I had some killer acid reflux so ice cream was my food while Jorge enjoyed his Flamethrower. Then we went home and acted like little dorky kids playing with our sparklers, tanks, fountains, firecrackers, and cherry bombs!

Spare Time

Since we don't have internet at the house I do most of my writing in a notepad then transfer onto here...

I don't have much but on a really hot or rainy day when I'm not doing any "hobbies" and want to do absolutly NOTHING I have been recently having a glass of wine and watching Desperate Housewives.
Currently, I'm up to season 3. Pretty decent show I might say. Now, Jorge and I don't have TV channels...AT ALL! So, we basically just watch movies or rent seasons. Jorge is kind of liking DH, although he isn't telling me that, I can just tell. We are also watching Prison Break. It's different than other shows, & has some smokin actors.... "hello Wentworth!"
One thing I love about not having TV, is I can just watch a whole season with out any commercials!!
Who knows what I'll find next

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WOW! .... it's been a while

Soo..... Haven't done much writing. Did I mention I don't have internet at my house so the only time I have with the world wide web is either after work, a friends house, or in a library. (yippee!).

Anywho... a little update on what's been going on since the end of Feburary:

- March:
  • Went home to Colorado! only upon arriving the Ole Jetta broke down once again! At first we thought it was just the replaced $320 radiator fan. Meanwhile, I barrowed my dad's bald tired ford to go up to meet some fellow Kansans in Breck to get in a little snowboarding. Boarding was fun. Our last night we all went out on the town, a little basement bar for some pool'n beer, we ran into some fellow KSU alumni. Then we strolled up to an Absinthe bar for some $9 swiss absinthe shots. Oh, the drive home was just as eventful. Bald tires + slush + incline = spin out = on shoulder, with traffic, attempiting to put on chains (the 1st time ever). Succeeded after an hour or so of freezing my hands off. 50 yards later threw a chain! So repeat. Finally, on and rolling.... SLOWLY. I just stuck behind a semi, & left them on all the way down the mountain. Once out, stopped took off chains an& had breakfast at a truckstop diner. I was pretty shaken up. Eventually, made it home. After checking in with dad, he informed me that now my car wouldn't start. We took it to the foreign guy in Niwot. When we went to pick it up the technition informed us that it would be $5500 to fix.... I walked out in tears & had to calm down. Turns out VWs, Audi's, & beamers' books all say to change your oil at 10,000-15,000 miles. So, I broke my own 3,000mile rule & did what the book said. What a bunch of Crap!! The tech said to ignore that, no matter what you should be changing at the latest 6,500miles! So, my car could've ranged from just skipping time to busting rods. Well, the ole jetta was staying in CO. Rental Kansas bound, sporting a classy pearl PT Cruiser :p
  • In KS, I have some great friends... One that lent me her car for the time being.
  • Oh, I'm working a 2nd job!!! A liquor store.... it was an easy catch, because I have "prior experience!" It was a have too. I'm out of a Powell trip AND have a car to fix. Oh well, at least I get a discount :).... I'm dabbling in more microbrews, recently I suggest the Saranac's Summer brew - De-lish!
- April
  • Mainly work!
  • A little CatFishing!!
  • Found out my car had the worse case scenario. F'd up all the rods! So, dropping the dough for a new motor was in call for. I compared just buying a new vehicle but I just don't have the resources. Dad's motor guy found a new-ish motor. So, I will be driving the ole jetta into the ground!
  • First weekend, Greyhounded it home to CO. Whew! there are some different folks who ride the bus. Left round 10am, got into Denver round 8pm. The whole family was at the bus stop waiting! They had fun people watching. Then we all loaded into my brothers "redneck" truck and drove around downtown denver trying to find a place to eat. Mexican it was, with Margaritas!! So, the drive out was even better with a drunk backseat driver mom!:) Next day I was back in KS with the ole jetta.
  • End of the month back in CO!! For little sis' graduation!! The drive home kinda sucked, AC is busted in the Jetta.... ugh!
  • Anywho, that friday back I took Tess to get her first tat! haha with out telling mom! I made her go first (b/c we got matching ones). It was HILARIOUS!! quote, "it feels like I'm having a baby out of my foot!" like she knows what that feels like ;). When we got home I asked mom how her mood was... she responds by asking me if I was pregnant, then if Tess is pregnant, then if I got another tattoo... ha I responded "you should ask your other daughter" She flipped! Then thought it was cool. I drew up our last name in our old trucking font & added a paw & hoof, because that's what Tess & I are all about... cats/dogs & livestock!!!
    That night Cory, Dad & I put on the hog... a 266lb gilt!! yeah, mom took in a 300 some lb pig!! That female barely fit in the roaster or truck bed for that matter. She needed 15hours of cooking. I ended up falling asleep in the shop.
  • Next day was a burner of a graduation, I swear they're getting longer & longer! than the Par-Tay! A lot of old family friends showed up which was nice.
  • Rest of the time home, went fishing & 4-wheeling (my fav!!!) & hit up Estes park like a bunch of tourists. Had to stop at my favorite place.... THE TAFFY SHOP!
  • So far not much. Just lots of rain!!! I floated my car a couple times. I need to remember the rule... something about can't see don't attempt you'll drown (It's some rhyme that I can't think of).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can you see me now?

The theme of the last week..... FOG.

I feel like I should be in London having tea. This is crazy.... I mean we have fog not just in the dawn, but all through out the day. My only complaint about is, I just want to curl up in a blanket all day... which isn't very productive. One reason I do love this weather though is sometimes it makes wonderful photo opportunities!!
I guess we'll have to see how long it lasts!
-Untill then...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ole Jetta Journal

Here lately my Jetta, Ole Jetta, as I call her, has been playing a bigger role in my life. She plays a big one as is, driving me to Topeka (50min) every day & back. When that trek has added obstacles like snow, drifts, fog, rain, ice, gravel, cows, etc, her theme song would be, "I think I can, I think I can." It doesn't help that when you give a 4x4 country girl a car she's going to put it to the test! Here's an example. I had to work xmas this year (note: I work w/animals so obviously they NEED fed, & I'll be darned if I don't make it) & this year there was a snowstorm working its way over. So, I knew to get up an hour earlier & think ahead (b/c I live in the country so I have to contemplate, "okay which roads will be plowed, pavement or gravel, wind blocks, snow drifts, etc") That morning I went with the most pavement, b/c surely it had to be plowed. Well, a couple yards into the asphalt I knew a plow hadn't touched it yet. All I had to do was get around some S curves then onto the next road (which I thought would be better). Over the curves, I pet Ole Jetta as we floated across the drifts..."just a little further, come on, come on" if I would've stopped at all that would've bee the end. We made it to the T... just 7 more miles till hwy99..."We can do this!" If you had never traveled Zeandale rd you wouldn't have know what was road & what was field, but we made it, barely. There were some big drifts forming so I just held my breath & plowed through them. 99 was alright, then onto 70. It was okay too! Then I got into Topeka.... Have they ever heard of plows!? Their streets were horrible & of course the roads to my work weren't "plowing priority." On top of it all the plow had pushed all the extra snow in front of the front gates, I gunned it .... made it. Only to find out there were only 9 (out of 14) that made it in.... great day! :p

Any who, for the drive home I opted for the same way, after all we made it, plus surely the plows will have gone over it by then. Topeka was still a mess, 70 was good, 99 was fair, Zeandale road was..... I get a half mile in & half the rd is drifted! A truck heads toward me, and I'm the one who has to move over! Check! okay next S curve, First part a little drifty. Second part, half drifty so I stay to the outside, cruise in 2nd, then..... slide & STUCK! "Are you kidding me? After all I had been through? & only 9 miles from home!" No damsel in distress act for me, I was too tired, too pissed off, too strung out for that crap. I called Jorge, he's at home with busted 4wheel drive but heads my way. So, I bundle up, grab the ice scraper, push open the door. Ole Jetta was buried up past the frame in a drift! I begin digging... 2 cars drive by with out stopping "Really?! on Christmas!" Another comes by & says "well, if you're still here in a few I'll come back" (Thanks buddy!). Then I see a durmax come up, a farm kid! He gets his dad & returns with tow-strap in hand! As they were hooking up, Jorge shows up, then the plow drives by..... embarrassing to say the least. We yank her out & leave her at the farm kid's dad's house in Wabaunsee b/c there was no way I was making it home. That night I enjoyed xmas dinner with a stout vodka n schnapps martini! Next morning work beckoned .... again. So, Jorge took me to Ole Jetta. He escorted me past the snowy spots & I made it! Then a day off! whew!

That's not the end..... last week I was headed out to find a part-time job. Going around one of those S curves (note: I like to be Mario Andrettie), well I slid on some gravel into a stout little T-post just 1 foot off the road! Clipped my mirror which knocked out my passenger window. Then proceeded to dent my rear door, wheel, hubcap, fender, & bumper! UGH!! Took her to the shop.... $4000 n some dollars!! Holy Crow!! thank gosh for insurance! So, Yesterday I dropped her off to get all nip/tucked. Now, I'm riding a Hyundai SanteFe, which for a foreign it's pretty nice.... xm radio! Basically, I'm getting spoiled.

Hopefully, the rest of the year Ole Jetta and I will have a low key time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Our New Years Crew!! (yes, and thank you jorge for the hand)
Once again, I have procrastinated on blogging. I will get in the hang of it. I'm sure I would do it more if I actually had internet at my house... Yes, I know we are behind in the times (it's not my choice)
Anyways, to start off the new year I have made some new lists ( as you can see to the right) .... I'm a total lists person. I make them just to have something to cross off! So, check it out.
I will be trying a few new things this year and letting yall know about it. Movies, books, and food are some of my top things. Plus, I'll throw in some photos, drawings (hopefully if I pull my head out of you know where), and crazy dog stories.