Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crack! Boom! Wheewww-Pop!!

4th of July! Independence Day! America's Birthday!... One of my favorite holidays!!!

Ever since I could remember this day is in my top 3. Good food, friends n family, & fireworks!!!
Sometimes camping and a lake (only not this year...at least the puddle in my driveway isn't big enough for a boat).
When we were little there were always BBQs & partys that our parents were dragging us too. Partys where the older guys would be making "bombs" during the daylight, then draggin out their Wyoming bought fireworks as soon as the sun dropped. It was a blast! I would always beg my mom, "Can we light them now?" "How about now?""Is it time yet?" It would be like 1pm. So, she made sure to always get snakes, smoke bombs, and party pullers for daytime then "the works" for dark! hello Sparklers!! An all-time fav!
Then it became tradition to to to a lake! McCounahay, Nebraska... Horsetooth, Colorado... Glendo, Wyoming...Greyrock, Wyoming...Milford, Kansas...but we always found ourselves back at Glendo. Those were some GREAT times!
Unfortunately, I haven't been to Glendo since 2004 :( It's hard to get off and be able to get home during the summer. However, last year I was able to talk my family (-my bro) to come out to Kansas. They brought the boat, so we hit up Milford. Then of coarse a party.
This year.... I'm collecting that holiday pay & working. My friend had a get-together. I drank, swam/water fight, played beer pong & ate plenty of food. Tonight I had a whole date night planned for Jorge and I... So far it was on hold because of the rain :(

..... For the 4th, Jorge and I ended up going into Manhattan in the rain, hit up a couple firework stands. I love everything from the little dorky stuff - like the chicken who "lays" fireballs - to the artillery shells! After spending some money, dinner was at dairy queen, I had some killer acid reflux so ice cream was my food while Jorge enjoyed his Flamethrower. Then we went home and acted like little dorky kids playing with our sparklers, tanks, fountains, firecrackers, and cherry bombs!

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