Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1 Week Down!

I have been meaning to write sooner this week, just didn't get around to it. This weeks "training" was pretty easy... 30 minute walks and today a 3 mile walk - which I will do tonight when it's not so hot out. Covered 2 miles in the 30 minute jaunts. Also learned only one dog accompanies me, Dallas, and she has to be off leash. I don't know if she'll be able to keep it up once the miles increase, she gets pretty worn out towards the end :(. I also had 2 gym days with weights, lunges, sit-ups, & everyone's favorite... the push up!
I came back from my first walk telling Jorge, "well, I had a 16 minute mile!...that's a 7 hour marathon or so." He replied, "well, we better get you an old man with a walker to be your walking buddy!" Great advice ;) My dad's advice... "you'll have to get Jorge driving next to you drinking beer." Dunno how exactly that's supposed to help me... but that's my family for ya.

I did finally retire my Nike maxair livestrongs :( it was about time, my toe was beginning to pop out and the bottom was being held on with super glue. Being located in Kansas, that doesn't leave me many Running/Walking/Outdoorsy..."Bouldery" stores to go to for some real good shoes. After roaming around the mall (which I hate doing with no money), I ran into a friend of mine who informed me about Great Plains Running Company Luckily, it was only a few blocks away. Told the salesman what I do and what my goal was... after all I was also looking for work shoes too. He hooked me up with a pair of Nikes and a pair of Mizunos and of coarse some insoles. They had a bunch of stuff, I'll probably be visiting them quite a bit as the M-day (marathon day) gets closer. Next, came breaking them in. The Nikes are strictly for work and the Mizunos are my walking shoe. The Nikes are a little tight, but I'm hoping they'll be okay. The Mizs are a great shoe. However, my feet seem to be always hot. I don't know if it's just me or what. I even have those coolmax beathable socks. Otherwise...So far, So good. I just hate breaking in shoes!
Yesterday, I visited the much needed chiropractor, Dr. Cortner in Manhattan. It was my first time seeing him, so paperwork! ;) He seems nice and like he knows his stuff. In the morning he took Xrays. Afternoon I came back and his adjustment was like, "wham, bam, thank-you mam!" I go back on Wednesday to go over my rads and discuss what's next. Apparently, my back is all screwy up around my neck and lower back, which could explain my penguin walk or all my headaches. It better be worth it because I am one sore lady today!!!

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