Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spare Time

Since we don't have internet at the house I do most of my writing in a notepad then transfer onto here...

I don't have much but on a really hot or rainy day when I'm not doing any "hobbies" and want to do absolutly NOTHING I have been recently having a glass of wine and watching Desperate Housewives.
Currently, I'm up to season 3. Pretty decent show I might say. Now, Jorge and I don't have TV channels...AT ALL! So, we basically just watch movies or rent seasons. Jorge is kind of liking DH, although he isn't telling me that, I can just tell. We are also watching Prison Break. It's different than other shows, & has some smokin actors.... "hello Wentworth!"
One thing I love about not having TV, is I can just watch a whole season with out any commercials!!
Who knows what I'll find next

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