Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Challange....

So, I was clearing off my kitchen table (I'm a pile person) and came across some old printed out work-out sheets. The third one read, "YOU CAN DO IT, You can walk a MARATHON!" Those words kind of sank in a little bit. As the cleaning went on, I kept glancing over at the papers. Thought to myself, " you know alicia, you've been wanting/needing a physical challenge to help you get back into shape. And you know rugby just isn't in the cards anymore..." Once I finally wiped down the entire table I sat. Pondered. Picked up the papers and decided "YES I CAN, what the hell right?!" The next day at work that's all I could think about was marathon this & marathon that. Now, I'm not familiar at all with the whole jogging/walking world. The closest I have come is sprints & Indian runs in practice, chasing an opposing rugger for the tackle, and having the road closed by my parents house in Colorado for some Boulder-athon. Back then we were the ones tipping over the porta-potties the night before ;).
I called Jorge on my lunch break, threw the idea at him and asked if he would be my coach... per say. He said "Alicia, you can do anything you put your mind to, and heck yeah I'll boss you around.... take off your clothes and get to bed!" Yup, that's my coach ;)...and my numero uno supporter!
After that I began researching, I never realized there was so much to think about and preparations to take! First, I needed a date. I wanted something around the 20 week range (that's how long I'll need to train). Second, it has to be close...enough. Third, it has to be legit. I found two, one in Overland park, KS and one in Tulsa, OK. After checking them out I'm going for November 21st, 2010 The Williams Route 66 Marathon! Plus a couple days ahead there's the Fall Classic hog show in Duncan, OK that I would like to attend too!
I now have my training plan all put together. Reading "The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking," by Dave McGovern. Started my walking ... yesterday. A whopping 2.1 miles in 39 minutes... yes horrible, but there's an explanation (excuse), I took Cooper & Dallas. Big mistake!!! Next time either no dogs or just Dallas - she doesn't stop at everything or tangle me up. I would also like to add I will mainly be walking from my house and we are in a hole so I have hills in either direction. I guess it will add to the training! One other thing I would like to add is I am starting this overweight, out of my normal shape, and recovering from last years Achilles tendon issues. So ... BRING IT ON!
Well, just have to talk to my physician otherwise it's a go!!!
I will keep you updated through the training and of course on other random notes ;) oh, and if you have any tips don't hesitate!

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