Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #80/365 Tuesday May 31st
"Watch out! Look in that hole!" ... Paul's welcome home message today

PHOTO #81/365 Wednesday, June 1st
Here's my barn! ...... I wish anyway

PHOTO #82/365
I wouldn't mind cruisin around in one of these :)

PHOTO #83/365 Friday, June 3rd
Hey, sometimes it just needs to be said.

PHOTO #84/365 Saturday, June 4th
a picture with a couple great friends... and the new Mrs. Schultz on her wedding night!

PHOTO #85/365 Sunday, June 5th
Dogs on wood floors was the theme of the day on FB, everyone seemed to be posting them. It was a hot one & Bruiser needed a cool down

PHOTO# 86/365 Monday, June 6th
The Kansas River
Not only is it up, which happens every year, but this is the 5th(or so) day of it looking like this

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #71 / 365 Saturday, May 21st
This is a picture of Joplin, Missouri. No, I didn't take it but it was another big event that I thought deserved to be in the project.
PHOTO #71/365 Monday, May 23rd
Bruiser chillin' showing off his new fancy collar!

PHOTO #73/365 Tuesday, May 24th
This is a view of Kansas City's crazy ghostbuster clouds. This is another picture I didn't take but thought it should go into the project.
PHOTO #74/365 Wednesday, May 25th
Tortilla Jacks, Topeka, KS.
If you haven't been I suggest you go. This was my first time and I love it!!!
PHOTO #75 /365 Thursday, May 26th
Nice little do this morning
PHOTO #76 / 365 Friday, May 27th
2nd Day showing of HANGOVER 2.... hilarious!!

PHOTO #77/365 Saturday, May 28th

PHOTO # 78/365 Sunday, May 29th
Made some cookies to take into work
PHOTO #79/365 Monday, May 30th
Morning Memorial Day Clouds

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberries with a zip!

A few weekends back for my friends bachlorette party I decided to get a little creative!

It all started with my new addiction site Pinterest, I tend to collect recipes & delicious appearing dishes or drinks. I stumbled upon Strawberry Margarita Jello shots... only they were actually served in the strawberry. This one fit the bill for Jaclyn's bachlorette party! It took me two nights to make them and paid off in the end as they were DE-Lish!!! :)

First, the strawberries need a place to sit up
of coarse I had to make it appealing

and it had to sit up off the bottom so the bottom of the strawberries were able sit in the holes

At bed, bath, & beyond I found a strawberry pitter, it worked alright, a knife would've probably worked. Then I dipped them in sugar. If I do it again I would save the sugar dipping until after the jello has set up, the berries produce too much juice with sugar

the Jello! My dad taught me some tricks with jello making, he's a pro jello shot maker! Have boiling water ready & put ice in the measured out alcohol portion to make it "chilled" then you can either pull out the cube right before you add the booze or after you've stirred it into the jello mix. Since they were Margaritas of coarse I used Tequila for the kick

key limes, regulars would probably work too

my mess! I had left over jello from the strawberries so I made just regular margarita shots

They look pretty cute... and delivered quite the bite!!

the finished product!!!

they took a little work but were amazing in the end!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did  :)