Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #80/365 Tuesday May 31st
"Watch out! Look in that hole!" ... Paul's welcome home message today

PHOTO #81/365 Wednesday, June 1st
Here's my barn! ...... I wish anyway

PHOTO #82/365
I wouldn't mind cruisin around in one of these :)

PHOTO #83/365 Friday, June 3rd
Hey, sometimes it just needs to be said.

PHOTO #84/365 Saturday, June 4th
a picture with a couple great friends... and the new Mrs. Schultz on her wedding night!

PHOTO #85/365 Sunday, June 5th
Dogs on wood floors was the theme of the day on FB, everyone seemed to be posting them. It was a hot one & Bruiser needed a cool down

PHOTO# 86/365 Monday, June 6th
The Kansas River
Not only is it up, which happens every year, but this is the 5th(or so) day of it looking like this

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