Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #71 / 365 Saturday, May 21st
This is a picture of Joplin, Missouri. No, I didn't take it but it was another big event that I thought deserved to be in the project.
PHOTO #71/365 Monday, May 23rd
Bruiser chillin' showing off his new fancy collar!

PHOTO #73/365 Tuesday, May 24th
This is a view of Kansas City's crazy ghostbuster clouds. This is another picture I didn't take but thought it should go into the project.
PHOTO #74/365 Wednesday, May 25th
Tortilla Jacks, Topeka, KS.
If you haven't been I suggest you go. This was my first time and I love it!!!
PHOTO #75 /365 Thursday, May 26th
Nice little do this morning
PHOTO #76 / 365 Friday, May 27th
2nd Day showing of HANGOVER 2.... hilarious!!

PHOTO #77/365 Saturday, May 28th

PHOTO # 78/365 Sunday, May 29th
Made some cookies to take into work
PHOTO #79/365 Monday, May 30th
Morning Memorial Day Clouds

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