Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Our New Years Crew!! (yes, and thank you jorge for the hand)
Once again, I have procrastinated on blogging. I will get in the hang of it. I'm sure I would do it more if I actually had internet at my house... Yes, I know we are behind in the times (it's not my choice)
Anyways, to start off the new year I have made some new lists ( as you can see to the right) .... I'm a total lists person. I make them just to have something to cross off! So, check it out.
I will be trying a few new things this year and letting yall know about it. Movies, books, and food are some of my top things. Plus, I'll throw in some photos, drawings (hopefully if I pull my head out of you know where), and crazy dog stories.


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Kelsey J. Pope said...

Hey Alicia!
1) I love your pictures and am excited to see more from your "3 blogs a week" !!!
2) I didn't know you were an artist! Do you do commissioned work? If so, I really want a Red Angus print. :)
3) I had a great chiropractor in Manhattan you might try...Dr. Kristine (Kris) Springer at Alternative Health Care. Pretty cheap too.