Friday, September 30, 2011

Derby Day!

I LOVE this pic!!!

Roller Derby that is!!!

heck yes! Derby Band aides
Today's post ALL derby... why? Because I am excited! Last night I strapped on my skates for the first time since the end of may! I was a little wobbly at first but then I picked it right back up & it was GRRREAT! Oh how I missed it. Plus, today I am headed to Kansas City to meet up with some of my fellow crushers to watch the 2011 WFTDA Southwest Regional Playoffs, where we are going to watch our #1 KC Warriors take on some other great teams in our region (Nebr, Tenn, TX, Atl, etc). I also LOVE their logo this year... a COW and I love cows! The tournament will start out today, go through tomorrow, and play off on Sunday. Unfortunately, I have to work on Sunday & will miss the final title taking game.
Then the winner will head to Broomfield, CO for the Continental Divide & Conquer 2011 WFTDA Championships. I would love to go & had plans to fully attend & show my family this wonderful sport that I am involved in, only I don't think I am going to be able to make that drive this time. SO... any of you Colorado peeps should take a trip to the rink & cheer on your local gals & have a great time for me!

me at the 2011 St.Patricks parade

love pin-ups

Now, in these titles you may notice 'WFTDA' that stands for Women's Flat Track Derby Association. If you check out this site it has all the teams rankings, roller derby association rules, the community, a store, any sponsor information, a 'MVP,' & updating scores of Bouts being played all over. If you're looking for a team in your area this would also be a good starting place to find one. Just a note though, there are other teams that aren't listed WFTDA, as there are more recreational teams (for instance the Capital City Crushers are more rec than competitive - don't get me wrong we love to whoop a girls ass but we have a lot of mom's, full workers, & busy ladies that just want to play) and there are also 'outlaw derby' which are teams that play without minors (there are penalty calls: major & minor). Dead Girl Derby in KC is our 'local' outlaw team. I haven't been to one of their Bouts yet, but hopefully I'll make it to one & check it out.

gotta love a good T-shirt

The crazy thing about derby is that we are girls of all different colors. If you join a team you should be an open minded person culturally... I mean we have ladies that are teachers, nurses, animal care techs, students, government workers. We have country girls, moms, hard rockers, grandmamas, tattooed up ladies, afraid to tattoo ladies, lesbians, straights, older girls, young girls, the list is really endless but no matter what once everyone gets on their eight wheels & rolls onto that rink we are ALL roller girls & got each others back no matter what! I love all the different people I meat & I learn a lot & I wouldn't change a thing.

Embroidery pattern, I would change it to my name

I have also found with all these different fabulous ladies, comes tons of 'derby garb'... Socks, jewelry, tutus, tights, make-up, and a new name. Mine, I am Bruisin' Bourbon, number 125. Why you ask the name change? It's our derby persona, that's our alter ego. I love a good bruise, giving a good bruise, & a good glass of whiskey & the highest percent alcohol in a whiskey I have seen is 125proof. Oh & I better mention there are NO two names alike... we have a database where when you join & pick a name you can see if your taking someones or if you are truly original.
Also, here are some picks of just derby stuff I love & you can check out my derby board on Pinterest.
Well, I better get a rollin' to the big KC in the big Blue ... I had to barrow Paul's lovely ford b/c I don't think Black Betty will do good on an hour hwy drive & in the big city.

P.S. Please go check out your local roller girls & hell slap on some skates, get a name, and learn the game... trust me nobody knows the rules when they first start. :)

~ Cheers,

Brusin' Bourbon #125

necklace I found on Etsy

Luggage tag

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