Monday, September 19, 2011

Bows, Rifles, & Shotguns... yes please

This weekend I passed my Kansas Hunter's Education course... 100%!!!

The Recurve Bow
Most thought I already had my safety card, but I didn't. I had always shot clays or just on private property. I did learn the only time you don't have to have a license is if you are the sole owners of that 'private property,' or if you are making/losing money off of your daddy's land. At first I thought I was going to be one of few older students because most people I know receive their license when they are a kid, I wasn't (So, don't be afraid b/c of your age, there are plenty others out there too!). I've been around guns before and own my own shotgun and I can honestly say I did learn some new facts, tips, & information this weekend. The class consisted of a 2 hour session on Wednesday night, an all day class outside on Saturday, and a hands on class Sunday afternoon. Sunday included a mock quail walk, a rifle range, shooting clays, and archery range. In the past I have only shot a recurve bow, Sunday I was able to shoot it plus a compound bow for the first time. The difference between the two is the recurve bow is a lot older, usually wood & one single string. The compound bow is comprimised of pully type ends that loop the string and bring more power to the arrows. It was fun shooting one and I would like to have one of my own in the future! (I can't shoot Paul's because it is too strong for me- each one is set at a specific weight ideal  for each person)

The Compound Bow

 I urge everyone to get out there and take their nearest hunter's education course, even if you don't plan on hunting it's just good knowledge to have. To find out more where your nearest class is being offered just google your state's wildlife and parks department and you should come accross it under education.
I on the otherhand can't wait to get out there and get a pheasant, turkey, prairie chicken, and maybe a deer! Oh and the bantering between Paul and I has already begun ;)

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