Friday, September 16, 2011

Black Betty!

Woooah Black Betty, Bam-a-Lam. Wooah Black Betty Bam-a-Lam.

This song is probably one of my favorites. I have no real deep meaning for it, don't even really know of Ram Jam (the artists), I just like to jam out to it. It all started in High School I heard it at a party and fell in love.

Back then I drove a two-tone brown 1986 full size Ford Bronco, a real winner! Her name was Brown Betty... obviously she wasn't black. My next vehicle I acquired in 2002, a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500. She didn't really have a name, good truck, liked the gasoline though. Decided to head to K-State, so I needed something a little more reliable & economic. I went the only place I know for a good VW, BOULDER, to check out a diesel Jetta. Bummer was payments were too high, but I was on a car buying high, so I settled for a 2005 Jetta. Don't get me wrong she was a good little car... when she wanted to be. I had quite a few warranty issues with her, Ole Jetta, was her name. One time Ole Jetta locked me out, completely shut down & someone from Topeka VW had to come tow her. In 2010, approximately 135,000 miles in, I had to put a new motor in her. Now, I am not really a low-to-the-ground car person. I am a get muddy, high up, 4x4 gal! Always have been, always will be.

While I was in the hospital Ole Jetta went down another road, so on August 26th I came across a 1995 Jeep Wrangler that I fell in love with... & was a good price. She's a little rusty, a little oxidized, a little squeaky, & a little rattly, but hey that's why I'm dating a mechanic ;). One would think being born & raised by a grease monkey I would have picked up some skills of some kind... nope. I was usually being called into the shop for, "hey! hand me that wrench!" or "hold the light....still!" Dad has attempted to show me things I just don't retain part identification or what that sound really means knowledge. I have over the years learned how to change a tire (a necessity in the jetta-she had a TON of flats!), and change the oil. Who knows maybe Paul is the teacher I really need with this Jeep.

I LOVE the fact that I am off the ground again, even if I currently have to hold my driver's side door shut... I'm waiting on a part that's busted. I also LOVE the fact that she is black... her name: