Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365

PHOTO #52/365  Tuesday, May 3rd
Dallas' first day visiting McRite Retirement Plaza for pet therapy
PHOTO #53/365  Wednesday, May 4th
Found this on ebay.... love derby & pin ups

PHOTO #55/365  Thursday, May 5th
For the first time I potted some flowers.... here's to hoping they survive

PHOTO #55/365  Friday, May 6th
Got up to go to work and here's the field accross the street
PHOTO #56/365 Saturday, May 7th
One of my good friends got hitched! Congrats & it was a fabulous time!!!
PHOTO #57/365 Sunday, May 8th
After work I was cruisin' the net and came accross this Derby motivational poster.. :D

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