Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Bike Ride

Well, tested the route to work this early afternoon. Tucked my phone into my bra (as I don't have one of those fancy arm band thingys) after I started the MapMyRun application. It can gps track your walks/runs/biking/etc. It's other features include sharing online, all your plugged in workouts, a nutrition area (yuck! How sad is it that I even feel bad plugging in what I ate - that's probably the point though), & your profile.
My route was 2.61 miles to my 'campus' front gate, to my door I would make it a full 3. There are also some hills, they way home is rougher then on the way there for sure! It took me 16 minutes. I don't think that's too bad for someone in my condition & that hasn't ridden a bike since 2009. Oh, and I did NOT get off & walk up the hill - as much as I wanted to though.
I also learned a few things about my bike.... I need a new one.
 - Breaks... front = weak, rear = ummm all I see is rust & a spring
- Tires ... front = good, rear = are you flat or am I just a lard butt looking downward?
- Gears ... turn with my hands = click. click. no change. click. click.
Oh well, it works for the time being I suppose. I am actually kind of excited to roll in every day.

Get Fit Quote of the Day:

If you're tired of starting over, Stop giving up.


Home on the Range Exchange said...
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Home on the Range Exchange said...

GREAT quote, it can apply to so many things in life!