Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Legged Friday: Cooper

 This Friday's post is dedicated to Cooper, 
soon to be 3 year old Great Dane.

When I was back at my parents last week I was fortunate enough to get to spend some quality time with Coop.
Cooper youst to live with me but he & Bruiser decided they no longer liked each other. Sooo, my mom always wanted a Dane... He ended up back out at the farm in Boulder county.
This turned out to be great! He is one of the best farm dogs Spring Tree has ever had. He sticks around, even if you go into the barn, there he is waiting for you when you return. 
Cooper also made other four legged friends, Dodger & the piglets.  Dodger is my sisters' 12 year old, blue merle doxin. Looks like a mini Cooper! At first Dodger hated him, but now they are inseparable. He attempts to keep up, but usually ends up riding in the Polaris with mom. I say piglets, but they're actually around 80 pounders. It's amazing & hilarious watching him with the pigs. A couple females have taken to Coop. They will actually 'talk' to & try & play with him. He'll play bow & bark & they'll chase each other. We've tried to get it on film, but he gets distracted by the camera & lays there watching you instead.
Cooper also loves walks. Spring Tree Farms (the parents' official place name) is luckily enough to be located down the road from a llama/alpaca farm. Ah yes! Well, Coop has made some playmates there too... only through the fence & he's the only one 'playing'

The engagement party rolled around, along with the decorating! Cooper loves balloons too: chasing them, pawing at them, & eventually popping them. Well, dad had a helium tank so we of coarse we had to do what anyone would do... attach one to his collar. Ah, the entertainment!

I love that big dope SO much! He's an excellent dog &
I miss him but the farm life was truly meant for him.

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