Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bearing It All!

If you noticed the blog is & will be changing a bit. I am going to be taking you through my own little 'get fit challenge.' I will share with you the ups & downs of my process. Including the parts I would usually keep to myself. All doing with out paying a gym membership or trainer - after all I have a wedding to pay for & after that, an amazing pre-baby making trip. See I actually like working out, it's the motivation, & food habits that I struggle with. This way if I am documenting it for others to see, I should be motivated...
I have learned a lot from life this past year. I'm weak (compared to what I used to be). I'm lacking confidence in my strength. I'm weighing in at 195 pounds. I want & am going to finish something big for once in my life. I am ready to change! No, this is not a pity, I wanna be skinny trek. It's a 'I want an ass kicking booty back - well, I had a flabby one before but it was stronger. Just want it to look it  & no not body building look.' :)

1. Lose 10% of my body weight (get to 175)
2. Tone my legs & arms
3. Sorry love handles you need to go!
4. Decrease my Cowgirl Tuff jeans one size (in every fit!)
5. Run - yes I said run - a 5K
6. 25:5 or LESS (for non-roller peeps, that's skate 25 laps in less than 5 minutes.)
                                    1 lap on the inside = 148.5 feet
                                    25 laps = 3712.5 feet
7. Skate around Lake Shawnee (a little stepping stone since I'm coming from ZERO)
8. Ride my bike to work for 1 week (at least)
9. Become strong again
10. Get Paul to work out with me for a whole month!
11. To become more flexible, starting with touching my toes.
12. Lose inches (yeah, it ties in with most of the others)

- Morning weight: 195lbs
- Wrist (Left right behind the bone): 6.5 in
- Bicep flexed: 12.25 in
- Ankle (above the bone): 9.5in
- Calf flexed (at the largest point): 16.75 in .... that's right 16 INCH calves baby!!!
- Knee: 16.25 in
- Quadriceps (5in from the top of my kneecap): 23.75 in
- Thigh (I like to call it my butt crease): 28 in
- Chest (across the nipples-bra less): 41.5 in
- Ribcage: 36 in
- Waist (at the skinniest, NOT sucking it in): 34.5 in
- Love handles/bottom of my paunch: 41.5 in
- Butt (I measured at the widest part from the side view): 45.6 in
- Widest part of me from the front: 47 in

Whewwee... well, there I bared it all! I even have pictures that will later be the 'Before Pictures' after I'm done.
Tomorrow's Work Out Quote of the Day:
Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

Through this I will be 'testing' out videos, Pinterest work outs, healthy recipes & any other physical activities... So, if you have any that you recommend or need a partner in doing let me know!

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

YOU ROCK! I'm proud of you for just putting it all out there. I know you will do great on this new venture. If I lived closer I'd be there with you the whole way!