Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Rambling Post: May

May. Most people think: May flowers, Cinco De Mayo, Kentucky Derby, & Mother's Day;
Or Taurus, the Lily of the Valley, & Emerald.

However, did you know it is also:
- Foster Care Month
- National Barbecue Month
- National Bike Month
- National Blood Pressure Month
- National Egg Month
- National Family Month
- National Hamburger Month
- National Photograph Month
- National Recommitment Month
- National Salad Month
- Older Americans Month

A few of my favorite days this month are:
1st - Save the Rhino Day
6th - Beverage Day & No Diet Day
8th - No Socks Day
9th - Lost Socks Memorial Day (must have been from not wearing them the day before)
11th - Eat What You Want Day
14th - Dance Like a Chicken Day
To find others click here.

I enjoy looking up to see what 'National Day/Month' it is, even if it's just for fun or serious. I hope you enjoy hearing about them and pay tribute to at least one....
... On Tuesday, the 8th, I plan on running around like a sockless hooligan :)

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