Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest Workout #1

This afternoon, since I didn't have my C25K buddy here (he doesn't get off work till 6 & we're meeting up for dinner) I opted to try out my first Pinterest work out.
Here it is:

Looks short & sweet huh!?!
NOT! I could only do one repetition (my legs were burning & could not pick me back up!), then I added 40 side leg lifts (20 each leg - works your saddle bags & love handles). I also have to do 'girl push ups' (on your knees-I don't think I have ever done a regular one in my entire life- they still work my arms though!)
  Make sure when doing the side lifts to tilt your hip bone in just slightly & bring you leg back a little. I like to be against a wall, that way I lean forward slightly then when my leg is as far up as I can take it I touch the wall - hope that makes sense, I guess just try till you feel the difference & trust me you'll feel it in your love handle area (obliques I believe they're formally called). Overall, it was a great workout. Took me 15 minutes to do the one rep. I will try this one again soon & see if I can get another 2 cycles in & maybe add a walk in the end.
Note: lock up or kick out your animals. I had a cat playing with my laces for the sit-ups & an Aussie thinking I was going to pet her belly for the push ups (she tries to put her belly over you when you're laying on the floor).

GO get 'em! I sure did... let's hope my legs are able to cycle to work tomorrow. Oh, by the way my damn alarm got the best of me this morning so I had to take Betty. The missed 3 mile ride was totally worth today's Jeep cruising weather.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gotta Love...

... that soreness, jiggle, tight feelings.

Today, I was successful in riding my bike to & from work!
         TO: 1.55 miles in 11:01, it was a little chilly out & I was sore from Monday night
         FROM:  1:58 miles in 10:39, a little warm but that doozie of a hill wasn't as bad.
I also got Paul to join me in doing Couch to 5K... I started over
         WEEK 1 DAY 1: 2.04 miles at 14.40 per mile. Not as good as Monday's but it was a tougher road.

Soreness: I'm talking about that little triangle in your crotch & butt crack from the bicycle seat when you haven't ridden in a while.

Jiggle: I'm talking about while you're jogging, that's all I'm thinking about is my butt & thighs going up & down. Then when someone drives by I'm thinking that they're thinking 'gee look at that jiggle.' BUT then I'm like, 'well, at least I'm out here working on this jiggle!'

Tight feelings:  I'm talking about after you've been going for a while & you go to squeeze you're hand & you realize water didn't play a big enough role in my day. I think it's my hands swelling but I'm not sure.

OH! Last night after my post, Paul & I signed up for The Color Run!!! I am extremely excited, I'm going to pop my 5K cherry & be a virgin no more! Not only that but get messy doing it too. ;) hehe.  July 1st, KC, here we come, whether or not I'm able to run the whole thing it'll be a blast. If you'd like to join us, just ask but get signed up before it closes!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

First & foremost. Thank you to all those that have served & are serving our country. I come from a family with one grandparent flying B52s in WWII & another grandparent running telecommunications in the Korean war. I am very proud to be from the Red, White, & Blue!

Second, I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend. Smores, fire, & Bud Light summed up my weekend. Ha! got some working to do on those calories for sure! Paul & I had some good bonding conversations Saturday & Sunday night out by the fire till 3am...everyone was either busy or went home early.

Third, today was such a nice evening & all those home-made cookies I decided I better do something. Leashed up Dallas, stretched & started my Couch-to-5K program. Probably should have turned around at the 'you're half way done' voice but I was just thinking 'eh, what's a little extra walking. Made it through the Day 1 of Week 1 of C25K = 2.14miles at 13.58 a mile. Well, after that we were no where near home. Dallas was wearing out & we had at least 3 good hills in 2.54 miles to go (I didn't know that starting out). 1 hill down & I'm movin pretty good, Dallas is lagging a bit. Then, all the sudden she picks up pace (I have my ear phones in = not hear quiet things), I look to my right & there's this young, sweaty, ripped guy. Smiles & jogs on by. I don't even care to act tough & pick up my pace but apparently my little hussy of a dog wants to show off & gets all perky & jogging... ha! As soon as he's out of sight she's back to the end of the leash. 2 hills later & a third mile to go, I was half tempted to call Paul... Dallas was fighting me on the speed, so I added 30 lunges so she could walk slow. We made it in one piece, her giving me the 'F you' look. So, now I know I can handle the 5 mile jaunt, Dallas on the other hand, at 85 degrees can only go 3 miles.

I would have to say good day for sure! I think Paul & I are even going to sign up for the Color Run in KC on July 1st! I know it's not much time but I have always wanted to do one & it says they're up for ALL types of people. If you would like to join us, please let me know we could be a team... like The Sweaty Balls or ... 5K Virgins or.... ????

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Bike Ride

Well, tested the route to work this early afternoon. Tucked my phone into my bra (as I don't have one of those fancy arm band thingys) after I started the MapMyRun application. It can gps track your walks/runs/biking/etc. It's other features include sharing online, all your plugged in workouts, a nutrition area (yuck! How sad is it that I even feel bad plugging in what I ate - that's probably the point though), & your profile.
My route was 2.61 miles to my 'campus' front gate, to my door I would make it a full 3. There are also some hills, they way home is rougher then on the way there for sure! It took me 16 minutes. I don't think that's too bad for someone in my condition & that hasn't ridden a bike since 2009. Oh, and I did NOT get off & walk up the hill - as much as I wanted to though.
I also learned a few things about my bike.... I need a new one.
 - Breaks... front = weak, rear = ummm all I see is rust & a spring
- Tires ... front = good, rear = are you flat or am I just a lard butt looking downward?
- Gears ... turn with my hands = click. click. no change. click. click.
Oh well, it works for the time being I suppose. I am actually kind of excited to roll in every day.

Get Fit Quote of the Day:

If you're tired of starting over, Stop giving up.

4 Legged Friday: Jello

Well hello there my name's Jello.
 I came from Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka, KS
On May 12th, Paul & Alicia stopped by & I won over there hearts...
& am now causing ruckus in their house! ;)
 As soon as I saw the dogs I new this place was going to be okay. I have even tried curling up & making friends with them... soon they will be.

 I LOVE to follow everyone, chill on the front porch, & follow Alicia into the bathroom, that way when she's sitting there - & for some reason doesn't move - she has to pet me. Then when she gets up I look in the giant bowl & find the spinning water fascinating!!! The thing with the hanging curtains & strings in the drain is also quite entertaining. Those rubber shoes with holes they slip on are interesting toys too, kind of ugly but I'm not wearing them.
 All - in - all I think this place is great!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bearing It All!

If you noticed the blog is & will be changing a bit. I am going to be taking you through my own little 'get fit challenge.' I will share with you the ups & downs of my process. Including the parts I would usually keep to myself. All doing with out paying a gym membership or trainer - after all I have a wedding to pay for & after that, an amazing pre-baby making trip. See I actually like working out, it's the motivation, & food habits that I struggle with. This way if I am documenting it for others to see, I should be motivated...
I have learned a lot from life this past year. I'm weak (compared to what I used to be). I'm lacking confidence in my strength. I'm weighing in at 195 pounds. I want & am going to finish something big for once in my life. I am ready to change! No, this is not a pity, I wanna be skinny trek. It's a 'I want an ass kicking booty back - well, I had a flabby one before but it was stronger. Just want it to look it  & no not body building look.' :)

1. Lose 10% of my body weight (get to 175)
2. Tone my legs & arms
3. Sorry love handles you need to go!
4. Decrease my Cowgirl Tuff jeans one size (in every fit!)
5. Run - yes I said run - a 5K
6. 25:5 or LESS (for non-roller peeps, that's skate 25 laps in less than 5 minutes.)
                                    1 lap on the inside = 148.5 feet
                                    25 laps = 3712.5 feet
7. Skate around Lake Shawnee (a little stepping stone since I'm coming from ZERO)
8. Ride my bike to work for 1 week (at least)
9. Become strong again
10. Get Paul to work out with me for a whole month!
11. To become more flexible, starting with touching my toes.
12. Lose inches (yeah, it ties in with most of the others)

- Morning weight: 195lbs
- Wrist (Left right behind the bone): 6.5 in
- Bicep flexed: 12.25 in
- Ankle (above the bone): 9.5in
- Calf flexed (at the largest point): 16.75 in .... that's right 16 INCH calves baby!!!
- Knee: 16.25 in
- Quadriceps (5in from the top of my kneecap): 23.75 in
- Thigh (I like to call it my butt crease): 28 in
- Chest (across the nipples-bra less): 41.5 in
- Ribcage: 36 in
- Waist (at the skinniest, NOT sucking it in): 34.5 in
- Love handles/bottom of my paunch: 41.5 in
- Butt (I measured at the widest part from the side view): 45.6 in
- Widest part of me from the front: 47 in

Whewwee... well, there I bared it all! I even have pictures that will later be the 'Before Pictures' after I'm done.
Tomorrow's Work Out Quote of the Day:
Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

Through this I will be 'testing' out videos, Pinterest work outs, healthy recipes & any other physical activities... So, if you have any that you recommend or need a partner in doing let me know!

Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Legged Friday: Cooper

 This Friday's post is dedicated to Cooper, 
soon to be 3 year old Great Dane.

When I was back at my parents last week I was fortunate enough to get to spend some quality time with Coop.
Cooper youst to live with me but he & Bruiser decided they no longer liked each other. Sooo, my mom always wanted a Dane... He ended up back out at the farm in Boulder county.
This turned out to be great! He is one of the best farm dogs Spring Tree has ever had. He sticks around, even if you go into the barn, there he is waiting for you when you return. 
Cooper also made other four legged friends, Dodger & the piglets.  Dodger is my sisters' 12 year old, blue merle doxin. Looks like a mini Cooper! At first Dodger hated him, but now they are inseparable. He attempts to keep up, but usually ends up riding in the Polaris with mom. I say piglets, but they're actually around 80 pounders. It's amazing & hilarious watching him with the pigs. A couple females have taken to Coop. They will actually 'talk' to & try & play with him. He'll play bow & bark & they'll chase each other. We've tried to get it on film, but he gets distracted by the camera & lays there watching you instead.
Cooper also loves walks. Spring Tree Farms (the parents' official place name) is luckily enough to be located down the road from a llama/alpaca farm. Ah yes! Well, Coop has made some playmates there too... only through the fence & he's the only one 'playing'

The engagement party rolled around, along with the decorating! Cooper loves balloons too: chasing them, pawing at them, & eventually popping them. Well, dad had a helium tank so we of coarse we had to do what anyone would do... attach one to his collar. Ah, the entertainment!

I love that big dope SO much! He's an excellent dog &
I miss him but the farm life was truly meant for him.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Time Baby Bump Shoot

 Introducing Jayden Hope Messer baby bump

The soon to be daughter of Jessica & Phillip Messer. 

This was my first preggo shoot working with my little camera (until I save up to get my new pet ;). I love the first shot & of coarse we had to get the Power Cat booties in there as mommy is a K-State Alumni (woot-woot!). I'm learning a lot with photoshop & people posing, & I still have a ton I want to learn & can't wait!!!

 I wish the family the very best in their new little adventure! 
Thank you Messer family!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Skinny Sip

I know I've been slacking on my blogging lately... promise I'll pick it up. I just have to get used to work this week, which is taking one of these (above) once in a while ;)

This sangria made by Skinnygirl & is pretty excellent. I'm normally a Moscato, Marco Negri, Pink Zin, sweet wine drinker, but a glass of this with some fresh strawberries is a nice evening chiller.
Plus, it's 0 grams fat and only 132 calories. In comparison to a regular Sangria which is usually around 175 calories. Another bonus is, it's only about a $9 bottle!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Niwot Tavern

New Restaurant #4:

Niwot Tavern
7960 Niwot Rd.
Niwot, CO

Sunday, May 6th, Paul & I headed into the little town I grew up by for lunch. We wanted something different & hadn't tried yet. The Tavern has been in this shopping area for a while, I had been drivin by it all this time.
Tuesday night my brother was raving about their pickles.... and, well, that was it. I'm sold on fried pickles.
Paul & I started the meal with the fried pickles, which were spears. They were AMAZING!!! Almost as good as So Long Saloon's in Manhattan, KS. Paul also had me try them with peanut butter. Something he had tried a few years back & every time he wants me to try 'em nobody has PB until now. It was alright, but I LOVE ranch!
Maine course I ordered an Adult Grill Cheese: American, Swiss, Bacon, Tomato. It was amazing! The fries were also really good, crispy just like I like them. Paul ordered the Sunday special all-you-can-eat fish & chips with a side of cole slaw. I had to taste the fish, agreement on the taste, fabulous! He also enjoyed the fries. However, the slaw was not creamy enough for him or me.
I enjoyed the atmosphere. A lot of oak furniture, booths, & bar with mirrors. The service was prompt & very nice.
Prices were average. Pickles were $6.50ish & sandwiches were a little more. I also noticed they have happy hour daily from 4-6. Not only on drinks but with appetizers, pickles at $4.50.
They have a room for hosting parties or meetings. Holidays they offer certain specials, for instance on Mother's Day they're having complimentary flowers & food specials of Brioche French Toast with Bacon & Fresh Fruit for $8.50 and Apricot Glazed Chicken with Pommes Annna & Tender Asparagus for $12.95.
If you're ever in the little, loaded town of Niwot, Colorado, stop by cottonwood square for a drink & snack at Niwot Tavern. If you're not into bar food there's also a really good Chinese place, among other restaurants.

~ Cheers ~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Latest HSUS Garbage

Ugh! For those of you who don't know The Humane Society of the United States, (HSUS - NOT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER), released a new "undercover video" today from a Wyoming swine farm. Yes, I watched it & am enraged with them & the workers of that farm. They take one bad farm & slap it as the cover for all hog confinement units. Being a small time hog farmer, I am extremely appalled of those workers & believe they should be fired & never be allowed to work with animals again.  In that camera's position, why did they sit there & let it happen? If they were an employee, they should've gone to their boss with complaints.... oh wait, they were undercover for an organization that is trying to bring an end to animal agriculture!
99% of hog farmers are compassionate about their animals & want them to live their life to its full extent (after all that's how they make money). Farmers are required to adhere to the National Pork Producers Councils guidelines to make sure the animals are being treated fairly. There is also a certification program, Pork Quality Assurance (PQA), which goes over the ethical treatment of our animals through every stage of life & there after. I have been certified in this ever since I was a kid. Then there's the issue of animal cruelty in gestation crates. Well, there are pros & cons to those, as in every situation. It's all going to boil down to pig population, people safety & how much you want to pay for your chops.
If you know anyone that watches that video & gets upset & says, "I'm never eating pork again" remind them that those types of people are very few & usually don't have a job for very long. Please do your research & ask questions before believe an activists 'undercover video' of an isolated incident.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Rambling Post: May

May. Most people think: May flowers, Cinco De Mayo, Kentucky Derby, & Mother's Day;
Or Taurus, the Lily of the Valley, & Emerald.

However, did you know it is also:
- Foster Care Month
- National Barbecue Month
- National Bike Month
- National Blood Pressure Month
- National Egg Month
- National Family Month
- National Hamburger Month
- National Photograph Month
- National Recommitment Month
- National Salad Month
- Older Americans Month

A few of my favorite days this month are:
1st - Save the Rhino Day
6th - Beverage Day & No Diet Day
8th - No Socks Day
9th - Lost Socks Memorial Day (must have been from not wearing them the day before)
11th - Eat What You Want Day
14th - Dance Like a Chicken Day
To find others click here.

I enjoy looking up to see what 'National Day/Month' it is, even if it's just for fun or serious. I hope you enjoy hearing about them and pay tribute to at least one....
... On Tuesday, the 8th, I plan on running around like a sockless hooligan :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reporting From Colorado

Currently, I'm sitting in Johnson & Wales' business hall in Denver, CO. Thought I'd get a blog in while waiting for my sister to finish her cost class, then we're off to go shopping!
This week I am living it up in Colorado at my parents place. This picture was taken Saturday evening after my sister picked me up from the airport on our way to my brothers Demo Cross (blog later). I figured since I am unable to work still I might as well spend the time in Colorado with my family. I am even continuing my therapy here... who knows maybe the altitude will cure me :)
Paul will be joining me tomorrow evening (he's driving out), then Friday night my parents are throwing us an engagement party. Which they aren't telling me any of the details besides there's karaoke, cupcakes, & Christmas lights. From the sounds of things this should be one of the best Gettel Shindigs we've ever produced!
Saturday evening, is the real reason Cinco De Mayo was the weekend we were Colorado bound. One of my high school best friends is tying the knot. It should be a grand ole time & seeing people that I haven't seen in years.
I'm sure I'll have more to say about this trip in later posts. Until then happy day late May Day!!!