Monday, June 11, 2012

Lower Postponed. Upper Crunch.

I am extremely bummed! Notice the picture. Right ankle. Yep, that would be my Achilles tendinitis flaring up. AHH!

Not only that, but my left knee is killing me too! When it's bent. When I'm sitting. When weight is on it.
Here I have done everything by the book: stretching constantly, taking it slow, drinking more water, & spreading it out. Yet, I still have leg issues! My head is telling me that my body & joints aren't meant for jogging, but my heart just wants to go for that damn 5K... JOG SOMETHING! Well, I have a doctor's appointment Friday (luckily I was already going for a med check - I like to save multiple issues for one trip = one co-pay :). Plus, I've kept off my legs today (had too! It was killing me!) & most of yesterday with ice soaking & stretching. Because if I don't, I walk like a toy soldier... Knee feels like a noodle & ankle doesn't bend = ouch. The sooner this bull heals, the sooner I can get back to C25K'n it & then roller derby!

However, this is no excuse for me to not get in any work outs. Today, I did a Pinterest workout; The Love Handle Blaster pin which originates from site. It didn't include any leg stuff so I was golden.
It consisted of:
  • Side Crunches (15 each side)
  • Oblique Crunches (10 each side) It says to hold these 20 seconds, at first I thought, 'Ya like that does anything!' but after a few you can really tell.
  • Abdominal Bicycles (30 elbow/knee touches)
  • Trunk Twists (10 each way)
  • I added:
    • 20 push ups
    • 20 Triceps dips
    • 30 second abdominal leg hold (don't know the real name but where you hold your legs off the ground while laying on your back)
All-in-all it took me about 25 minutes (not including stretching). I tried to do them one after another to get my heart rate up. Hopefully I'll feel it tomorrow, because I felt it during... felt exactly where my scar is & the connective tissue (owie!) (note: the scar goes from my sternum to belly button).

Get fit quote of the day:
I'm in pain & I just have to keep this in mind.


Crystal Cattle said...

At first I thought this was going to be a post about your awesome purple toenails! Hope you get feeling better. I love all the workouts that I can find on Pinterest.

Alicia said...

Thanks! Yeah they're purple most the time... this shade I LOVE!!!