Saturday, June 2, 2012

4 Legged Friday: Breed Bans

I stumbled across an article through a friends Facebook page today, The 3 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Revealed! - Pit Bulls? Rottweilers? You'll Be Surprised.... After reading this, I checked out their source,  according to the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviouir Science, the top breeds for showing aggression towards humans are dachshunds, chihuahuas, & jack russel terriers. There was also a Pennsylvania study that showed the dachshund to be the most aggressive. I have to say the meanest dog I have ever stumbled across is a chihuahua. I had to chuckle at hearing about the little wiener dogs topping the bite charts, as my parents are owners of 3 mini dachshunds. They've never bitten a human or gone all hackles up, teeth bearing to a human either, however, they do have 'little man syndrome.' Dodger, the male thinks he's 150 pounds & bullet proof, he would take on a monster if he could (especially through a fence). I would have to say doxins are mouthy little bastards, a real ankle biter, but I'm not going to say they're ALL like that. Mom's female, Roxy, was a lover to the core.
Breed banning is something I am very passionate about. I am disgusted with people that look at a dog & label that breed as dangerous. Just because one dog does something bad does not mean that entire breed is defective. A dogs' behavior, I believe is based upon how it's raised & what it is & isn't exposed to.
Topeka, KS was to be at the top of my shit list when they had a city ordinance prohibiting anyone from owning a pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier or an American Staffordshire terrier. Luckily, in September 2010 they replaced it with a broader 'dangerous dogs' ordinance stating that it would target animals with a 'known propensity, tendency or disposition' to attack or cause injury & these dogs would be declared dangerous through a court process then would have to be spayed or neutered. I haven't heard any problems lately with this, but I haven't been searching either. Today, there are still plenty of cities in the US that have breed bans (including rottweilers, pitt bulls, mastiffs, dobermans, presa canarios, chows, etc) & I hope & believe that there are more people out there sticking up for our fury friends & preventing these stereotypes. So, if you have one of these oh so called viscous dogs, show someone that they're not & if you are one that is afraid get out there & meet a good one!
One breed that I am in love with is the pit bull, & it really tugs at my heart strings when people judge them &/or treat them badly. Yes, you will always have those folks who own them to increase the size of their testicles, which is fine with me as long as they are not training them to fight, cropping their ears too short (or w/out the use of a veterinarian), chaining them out for hours, & using huge chain link as their collar. My dad had a pit before I was born, he was a fawn & white boy named Boss. Then I came along. Whew! I put that guy through the ringer. Attaching my baby carriage to him, riding him, sticking my hand in his mouth when he'd yawn, & who knows what else. I do remember painting Boss' nails when dad was at work. Dad sure loved that ;) haha. Boss was a huge part of our family. He camped, 4-wheeled, traveled, & boated with us (even though he hated water!). Once he got older he would even curl up with our old man cat, Spike. Boss lived out to the old age of 18.
Boss, My dad, Me, & Abby
Mom & Boss. This is how we'd take him to shore to go to the bathroom when we were at the lake.
Boss & Spike. RIP guys :)

Someday I hope to own a pit bull that could live up to him & show others that they are great dogs.

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