Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Dirt & Racing

Last weekend I got out of the house for the first time in a long time!

Southeast, Kansas & Oklahoma City
Saturday, we met up with the others in OKC for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in Brick town. We found the place in a round about way, between the guys' "I know my way" directions & girls' "well the map says here" left it  for a good sight seeing trip around Brick town. Food was pretty good, loved the sopapillas! On our way back to the truck we caught the end of a flash mop.... later on we busted our on flash mob moves! Waaaaay better!
Next stop, drive by rustic furniture stores where we got our dreams on. Second stops: Tener's & Langston's western stores, which didn't leave us empty handed ;) Last stop prior to the hotel, was a very classy, stalkerish liquor store, in an area where white was rare. Nice people just a little to "can I help you?" for my liking.
 That evening we got our glitz on for the races!
Watched & betted on some quarter horses. Good thing there isn't a track near Topeka, this could be my addiction. After all thanks to my skills we went home about $22,000 richer.....
 HA! I wish! I'm still learning the lingo.
After the last horse crossed the finish line we were off to Brick town to see what all the hype is about.
Ended up havin a couple brews at Coyote Ugly. Not a bad bar; cold beers, good tunes, would be better if there were more people & if you're just passing through (the coyote's repeat their sayings quite often). When Eric Church's 'Smoke a Little Smoke' played out we of coarse had to get on the bar. A pretty big deal for me! I'm not one to get on bars... or tables... heck I have a hard time walkin as it is :)

 Sunday, we were back at the track for some people watching. Oh I mean horses and....
 Ostriches and.....
 The winner: G.R, a pretty good jockey. He was reining first not only on a camel, but an ostrich & multiple horse races that weekend.

 Relaxation on a Monday evening
Yep, Classy I know. However,  it was a little too early for me to meet Bert.
A little store in Burlington, KS where we stopped on our way back to Topeka. 
I scored my first Tervis cup here... aka: adult sippy cup. Stay tuned for the Tervis travels ;)

All-in-All a great first weekend out.


Home on the Range Exchange said... shout out to me this post?!

Elizabeth Martin said...

I LOVE OKC! Looks like you had a great and fun trip!! And who can resist dancing when Eric Church starts playing!