Tuesday, April 24, 2012

04.24.12 National Pigs in a Blanket Day!!!

As soon as I read this I was excited!!
 I LOVE pigs in a blanket & they always take me back to a much more simple time in my life.
Plus, they're easy to make!
I hope all of you go out & celebrate by fixin' up your favorite piggy in a blanket. 

There are many varieties here in the States from Oscar Mayer to Kielbasa to adding cheese & jam to turning it healthy with a turkey dog.

Across the world there are many styles of  the 'Pig in a Blanket'
  • United Kingdom: little sausages wrapped in bacon (um...YUM!).  
  • German style: Wieners wrapped in a puff pastry (like a pancake) accompanied by cheese & bacon. 
  • Czech style: Kolache (pasty with dough edges that hold in the filling) filled with sausage & ham slices. 
  • Polish style: Ground meat & rice wrapped in cabbage leaves and braised, usually in a tomato sauce.
  • Israel style: Hot dog rolled in a ketchup-covered sheet phyllo dough (paper thin sheets of flour dough). 
  • Netherlands style:  Puff pastry dough that's made with shortening then filled with a pork sausage.

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