Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY: W is for Wittkop

Finally finished my jute 'W.' This idea came from Pinterest & Crystal Cattle's blog. I loved the idea of twine & burlap flowers!
It is super easy to make, it just takes time wrapping the twine. All you need is jute twine, a styrofoam letter, burlap, & a hot glue gun. You can find pre cut letters at for a great price. I found a huge roll of twine at This site is my go to burlap shopping source for my wedding decorations. They are excellent priced & everything has arrived in a timely manner.
Since 'W' has ends on it unlike a 'D' or 'O' I had to wrap in a couple different steps to cover the ends. First, I cut pieces that would go over & have a little extra room to be glued on the sides. It also gave the letter a little more of a blocky look that I like. Once the ends were covered I started at the top wrapping around the ended making sure to get it tight & covered. Then I wrapped down the line. The creases also took a little more time because I would wrap, cut, & alternate sides so it would give a weaving pattern. Note: you have to pull it pretty tight to squeeze the twine in to cover the styrofoam without giving it a boldgy look. When wrapping I used quite a bit of glue in the back & on the edges, which my fingers felt the wrath of hot glue most the time.
You may notice as your wrapping it will may curve. When it would start this I would cut a piece with tapered edges & glued it in to fill the space & continued wrapping so the lines would be straight.
Once the 'W' was completely wrapped I made my first burlap flowers! They're supper long as you don't accidentally drop one with a bulldog roaming the house. I had a red flower causality. Then I made sure to get those puppies glued on & wallah!
Now I have my first wedding decoration & after the wedding I plan on hanging it in the house.


Home on the Range Exchange said...

CUTE! I wanna make one for my grandparents 60th. Wanna help?!

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