Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everyone's Talkin Enchiladas

Everyday when I log-on to Pinterest someone has pinned...

 Including me.
Every week I try a new Pinterest recipe & last week it was this one.
Originally, this recipe came from Budget Savvy Diva's Blog (click for recipe). In it she calls for 2 cups shredded chicken only she doesn't mention how she got to the shredded stage. Luckily, I new how or I would've had to Google that too. For those of you who don't know, just throw some chicken (breasts, thighs, etc) into the crock pot with seasoning of your choice. I used a bullion cube, pepper, chili powder, garlic & onion seasoning. Then I put it on low & left it for the day. When you get home from work the chicken will fall apart with a fork & be ready to be cheesed & rolled.
I grew up with canned red sauce (which I love), so I wasn't used to this home made white stuff.
After stirring it up on the stove-top it wasn't hard to make at all!

25 minutes later.....
Delicious, white sauce & all! I will definitely be watching & trying those popular pins. These enchiladas will make our 'regular dinner menu' for sure.
And, kudos to Budget Savvy Diva for spreading this excellent & easy recipe for all of us to enjoy!

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