Monday, April 9, 2012

New Restaurant #2

KC Smoke Burgers
1610 West 39th St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

March 22nd, after leaving KU Medical hospital, Paul & I followed another restaurant recommendation... KC SMOKE BURGERS. Their location was great, in an area by other little shops, restaurants, business' & down the road from KU Med. When entering, you can either sit-down order or walk up to the counter for to-gos. After reading their menu I was over whelmed with all the burger options. They also had other choices, gyros, salads, and challenges. Paul is normally not one to turn down a challenge, but he decided with the hour drive home wouldn't be good with a meat coma that usually follows the scarfing.
This picture shows the list of challenge options:

Paul & I both ordered burgers, well I wanted an gyro, but thought since this is a burger joint better go with what they know. So, I got the lamb/beef gyro burger! Amazing & HUGE!!!

The burgers came out on their own little grill thingy & branded, I love these little unique touches!

If you're ever in this area & craving some good ole smokey, grilled, meat, we recommend this little joint! 
Depending on the day you're there, they also have great daily specials!


Nia said...

Sounds Yummy! We love going to new restaurants!!!

Home on the Range Exchange said...

I wanna go!!!!!