Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My first BOUT!!!

The McCoys (Grey) vs. The Hatfields (Pink)

Family Feud was the theme for our first inter-league bout of the season... My very first Bout making an appearance as Bruisin' Bourbon #125.


As the clock ticked closer to 7pm my nerves were becoming a wreck! I warmed up with a little nervous sweating & shakes. Then we headed to the back, taped up, said our prayer, & lined up for introduction. Our team was who-hawing around on what we were going to do... So, I just decided I would do whatever the first person did... since I was 3rd on the program, I assumed that was the call out order... Nope, "and here for her first Bout playing for the Grey team... Brrrrruuuiiisssiiinnnnn' Boooouuuurrrbbbboooonnn!" Yep, I was called out first. I made it over the first light rope (they line the track with light rope- I was scared of tripping over it), waved & made my way around the track to our seats. Only I passed them & fell flat on my ass. 'Congratulations Bourbon' was all I could think of. Dusted off & was in place to high five my fellow Grey team mates.
After everyone made their grand entrances, the Bouting began & I was in the first JAM!!! I skate out to the pack line only to fall down again.... my nerves are shot, I'm shaking like crazy, & am on the verge of loosing it. Then, I remember what Ritz (newbie coach) told me, 'to clear your mind, & not to think just sing a song.' So, I began belting out 'Black Betty,' ... in my head of coarse. Next thing I knew the whistle blew!!! I made it through my first jam & the following one as well. Only let the jammer by once! Fourth jam was all virgin bouters which went pretty well too! On one corner, I'm not sure what had happened, I had just realized I was on the ground face down, shoulder stinging, then someone (later found out by picture- Lady Ricochet) fell on top of me leaving my shoulder burning & me yelling some 4-letter vocabulary.

Got up, shook it out & later, Samantha (bench manager) had ME JAM!!! I was extremely nervous .... again (the nerves had just settled), because the last time I jammed in practice didn't turn out very good. I lined up on the jammer line next to Ice Cold, a girl that can squat to the height of my knees. Whistle blew, I take off, Ice ahead going for the outside, I take the inside only to get called "Back Blocking #125, Major," which is a penalty to the box. Back blocking is when you come up on an opposing player & touch/push them from behind... I am infamous for them because I just like to haul ass through the pack with out stopping before hitting someone. I was in the box for the whole jam. Sam had me go back out to jam when I was set free. I came up to the pack, weaseled my way through to get LEAD JAMMER!!! made it around again & had some awesome blockers, so I had a clear path. 4 more points on the board for the McCoys & I call the jam before Kappa could get through the pack! WOOHOO! I was extatic by this point. Everyone on the bench was cheering... Love you Greys!!!
Half time.
watch out Chicka-Vee

Second half, went well. Had some good plays, great blocks, even better falls. We were all out there kicken' butt & taken names & having a blast the whole time. After all there were quite a few of us whom this was our first bout. Some jams, penalties, time outs, & Ritz yellings later the clock came down to the minute where The Hatfields took the win.

We all skated around giving props to our adoring fans, then skated into each other smiling, congratulating, & 'did you see that's' .... just in a sweet adrenalin comatose! Of coarse then we got together for our Crusher picture!!!!

 Soon after this I skated over to my sweet lover, Paul, for a big sweaty hug & kiss. Then we were off to Specks for our after party.
All I can sum this up with is....

Thank you fans. Thank you Paulie. Thank you team-mates.
Derby love to all!

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