Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And now I will give out the Blue Ribbon...

This past weekend was ..... well, a pretty good one!

Friday, I just went to look at some pups and once I got there, I was in for a surprise. Not all was good. The bitch was too thin and covered in ticks and fleas. There were 9 pups following her around. I sat with them for a while....picking fleas off. This lady cared about her dogs, don't get me wrong, but they were covered in bugs, had the runs, and didn't look like they were getting enough nutrients. I originally went there with no intentions of taking one home. However, me being the softy I am had to help out. I brought home this little cutie! His name is Cooper! Oh, and did I mention, he won't be little very long...He's a great dane! That's another thing that got under my nails. These are great dane pups! they need nutrition. Especially right now to help their bones!
Anyways, So this is my early birthday present and the newest member to our little family.

After we brought him home, I called around to see what I could give him, after all he is only 5 1/2 weeks old. Then on Sunday, the poor thing vomited a couple worms and also had them in his stools. So, now he's getting wormed on top of everything else. He's doing well though. Dallas, my aussie, was the old lady at first but now she's getting used to him. Brusier, the bulldog, just looks at him and doesn't seem to mind him. He loves tails! Especially the cats!! they don't care, they bat him around a bit, but no harm is done.

Saturday, Jorge and I went garage saling. Only, we got up too late....again. One of these days we'll get up in time for the good ones. Then we were off to Rossville area to look at a ranch. It was pretty amazing. I just wish we had the money. So....we're not giving up. We're looking into some loans. It was an old limestone house (could use some remodeling) and 240 acres of brome and pasture.... pretty nice! Afterwards, we stopped by the house for some dog time then Jorge and I were off to the Riley County Fair! for our date night! We watched the market hog show, bet who would win.... we tied most of the time. Then watched the rodeo, where muttin' bustin' has to be the best event. Along with people watching!! gotta love who comes round to the county fairs!!! Once out of the rodeo, we headed to the carnival...Jorge had to get me back from last year. He had to beat me in this ball rolling, horse racing game. Sucker! I beat him & 10 other people....again!! Then we went on our 1 ride.... The Sizzler!! We're such big kids, I love it! We could barely fit.... it was hilarious! And behind us was this little kid sitting with his parents. He just was big enough to peek through the holes in the bars. His face during the ride was priceless.

Not too eventful. Just played with the dogs. Oh, and we took a trip up to Onaga, KS, where Jorge got some chickens!! He was and still is super excited about them. We acquired 16 of those little annoying feather chirping cluckers!
Might I add we are not excellent chicken farmers! Yesterday, they all got out of the fence in the hut. Dallas was having a blast. Boots, an outside cat was stalking 3 in the woods. Bruiser was in ahh of these new ground birds. Cooper was just galloping around. I was meandering through the spider web infested woods in my scrubs & flip flops chasing Boots, chasing 2hens & a rooster. Meanwhile, Jorge is chasing them the other way and letting more of them out in the process. It was quite a site! Eventually, we got them in. Once we got I got out of my chicken/dog crap clothes, we threw our hands up and just went to a movie....The Ugly Truth....Hilarious!!
Other than that not much has been going on. this wasn't very written but it was a long day and I just wanted to get something down.
Till then.... "take life with a grain of salt...... & tequila & lime!"

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Kelsey said...

I love your blog!! Keep up the funny stories and cute pictures! :)