Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ RUGBY 2 ~ more photos from last blog entry

just chillin' watching other games enjoying the sun!

a Line-Out vs. OSU (w/lots of our players). when the ball goes out you do

a line-out. Players are lifted, yes, by their shorts to fight for the

ball in the air.

the tourney social!

Here we are to save the day!!

(not all of us are pictured)

Ah yes! ... and my killer bruise!

From practice too!



RUGBY --- I LOVE this game! I started playing back in fall of 05 & continued playing through spring '07. I was even the pres. of the club in'06. Unfortunetly, I was having some personal problems & quit..... Stupid! BUUUUTTT.... Now I'm BACK!! older and more out of shape that's for damn sure. So, I started working out about 3 weeks prior to going to my first practice at the end of Aug. My goal Alumni game, Labor day weekend. 'T' a girl I started playing with was now the coach due to some falling out w/our other one. I give her props! There are consistant show of players, which is excellent! compared to back when, when our average was 8.

Some of you may have never heard of rugby or when you have its a grusome relation..... which is exactly what I thought when I saw "rugby info meeting 6pm" on the sidewalk. But, I went! and now I'm addicted! Even if I can't play, I love the game. I recommend you look up clips or whatever to get the idea. It's played w/15 players, 80min (40halves), no pads, no pausing between plays, and a "social" afterwars (aka: drinking & singing). You may be enemies on the field, but afterwards you are boozing fenatics who know some crazy songs & traditions.

Anyways, went back to practice. Sore as hell.... I have to get up before work & get on the eliptical to work out the soreness to make it through the day. Plus, I got a killer bruise. (picture somewhere on here) That's another thing.... Bruises aren't ugly, they are bragging rights... um awards, the bigger more colorful the better!

Then Saturday rolled around..... Alumni Gameday!! This was our first Women's alumni game, so we had 8 or so. It was pretty nice, we had more than we expected. Played a 3x15 game (3-15minute sections), got the rookies in. My heels were killing me (they had been all week, but I still suited up). Alumni ended up loosing in the end. Then we went to the Rugby house for the social..... drank lots, my feel swelled out of my shoes & I hobbled around like and old lady. Then to the Bars!!

After that weekend, I went to work until Wednesday.... I couldn't even walk to my car. Went to the Doc (which she was full of shit - don't like em) and I have Achilis Tendonitis! I had to ice bath 3times a day & strech. Plus, I had to stay off my feet for the next 4days. Didn't make it to practice but one day to tell the girls what was up. I couldn't even stay.... it hurt just to stand. Then, a week later Tourney time. War of the Roses in Norman, OK!! I went, well it was on the team, and I was the water bitch, basically. We were last to arrive friday night. I got to sleep on the wonder blue n gold carpet. Next morning breakfast & 9:30 kickoff! First match, Truman State. And Note this was also our rookies first "real" game. Truman state..... well, we coulda had um if it wasn't for this one fast girl. There was a lot that need fixen but we'll get it. Next game, 11:30 OU.

1st picture: we are kicking the ball to OU. 2nd picture: this is a scrum (16 people fighting for the ball) oh, and the # on your back is the position you play, not some # you picked.

We lost, again. So, then we ate and we supposed to have another game at 2:30 vs. OSU. We met up with them. They were unprepared to begin with (you have to CIPP your players, so many to play, they didn't so couldn't play unless we gave them players). Oh this is another thing that's done in Rugby. Whoring out players. When the opposing team is short a few and you have extra, you whore out those players so they have a full team. If they are true ruggers, they will play fair for that team. It's all about getting to play the game! Anyways, they wanted to settle with drinking games & we wanted to play.... So, we loaned them like 1/2 a team. Basically, played ourselves. Our teamates scored more than half of their points. We won.

After showers & team dinner we were off to the social! Each team had a costume theme. We were superheroes. I was "G" for gettel. couldn't come up with a name. It was a blast!

phew! Long time....

Sheesh, It's been a while! Let's see since July......
Not much has gone on. I've taken a lot of pictures (which I posted some of my favs). Cooper is growing like a weed. He's something else that's for sure. Him and Bruiser are "my boys" they are always pickin' & playin' with stuffed animals together. Cooper also likes to follow Dallas on her little "walks" but hopefully he'll listen a little better than her. Cooper comes up to just above my knee now, and he's only 4 months old! He's going to the vet on friday though... he's all itchy & bloodshot eyes... my fingers are crossed that he's not allergic to anything.
August.... not much went on. Oh! started practicing with the women's rugby team again. Won't touch on that in this message.... It's getting it's

September...... Oh! My BIRTHDAY! A whopping 25 years!! holly cow, right? Jorge, our Pomeroy buddies, and myself all went to eat then pre-drank at Pomeroy house, then headed to the bars. Went around to the bars.... didn't drink too hard because I had the Alumni rugby game in the morning. Met up with some of the ruggers.... Steph even came into town from Oregon to play! Gotta love ole Nippy! I was very proud of myself, went to bed at a decent time.
Then Saturday.... ALUMNI GAME!! Woohoo! All the oldies back in town (well, most of 'um anyway). We played, my heels hurt! oh did they hurt... so i was pissed because i didn't do my best. But we got the rookies in for some playing time. Alumni lost. Then we went to the rugby house for the social.... songs, beergames, fun! Dinner then back out for round 2!

Meanwhile I couldn't walk! My ankles were swollen and I hobbled around the whole night. It sucked! So, the rest of Labor day weekend summed up with me hobbling and some fishing up at Kramers pond by Corning (or some little town NorthEast of here).

Rest of September.... Work. Went and watched rugby since I couldn't play. Then mid-month I had planned to go home to CO to visit & see one of my good friends get hitched! However, my feet got worse, I couldn't walk! had to take vacation & sick time (which I don't have much left. So.... needless to say I was unable to take the time to get home... plus I didn't have the gas money. I feel horrible not making her wedding. I'm sure she was beautiful along with the ceremony!!

The last weekend I tagged along with the team to OK for a tourney. (i'll cover later).
October..... feet are getting better. Tried working out some. Still hurt, but I have got to do some kind of working out.... I'm going crazy! Cooper's getting big and being a little nut. The weather is cooling down. OH! last Saturday we went to Ottawa to a friend of our's farm and camped. Supposed to "catch our dinner" only we didn't catch anything. Luckily we brought brauts & other accutramal. Then we sleplt under the stars, next to the fire, like John Wayne. You're prolly like, "shit! wasn't it cold!" and yes it was chilly but the fire kept us more dry than those in the tent. (hehe).
Other than that not much has been going on. Happy Birthday to my Mother!! .... Big 50!! I wish I was there to embarrass her at her work or resturant or something. I will plan something and get her when I do come home.