Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Restaurant #1

 3904 Bell St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

 March 8th, Paul & I were leaving KU Medical Hospital & one of my nurses recommended this fabulous sandwich/pizza shop. Their location was great, right by business' & the hospital. The atmosphere was nice, busy but that's always good for them, right. Order's took place at a counter, cold sandwiches were made in front of you & hot ones were done in the back with the pizzas.
I ordered the Bell Street Bomb: roast beef, turkey, salami, herb cream cheese, provolone, lettuce, tomato, may, vinaigrette on a sub roll. Price: $6.75 Picture below. It was DEEE-Liscious! but hey anyone that puts cream cheese & provolone on a roll in my book is awesome!

Paul ordered the d'Bronx Meatball Parmigiana. Price: $6.25 He liked it & would recommend it to anyone who loves a good saucey meat-a-ball-a (my Italian accent typed out :).
Once I took a bite of my sandwich & decided it was amazing, I had to look around & get a peek at their pizzas, which you could buy by the slice, 16 inch, & 30 inch! Caught a view of the slice version, huge & covered with toppings.

On top of the subs & pizzas, their menu also included dinner specials (lasagna, calzones), salads, soups, sides, & desserts. Prices were very reasonable too!
If you're ever in the KU Med area we highly recommend this 'Authentic Deli and Pizzeria!'

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