Thursday, January 12, 2012

THE Dress, Ladies, & Christmas!

 I know it's late but I have some catching up blogging.

This year Paul & I celebrated our first Christmas as an engaged couple! Not only that but my mom & sister made it to town, for Christmas and for.... WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!

I made sure to tell the doctors that I had to be home on Thursday because I had dresses to try on! Mom & Tess headed out of Colorado the day of a pretty intense blizzard. Their normal 9 hour drive took 12 1/2 hours! I may have had a bag hanging out from my belly but I still made it home Thursday afternoon. Friday, Mom, Tess, & I went to Manhattan to Celebrations of the Heart to begin the search for the perfect dress. The assistant & I put on my very first wedding dress, I looked in the mirror, & the walk down the hall I had to calm my self & held back tears. I knew if I were to start the waterworks my mom would too. That feeling between all of us was amazing. Then I was onto the 2nd dress, I almost had a 'Bridesmaides' moment. Once you see the movie you'll understand, only mine was the vomit feeling. I just sat down, drank some water and I was on to dress number 3. As she clamped it shut I realized this was it, I LOVED IT! I tried on some more just to see different styles but everyone I seemed to, I kept hearing in my head "it doesn't have this like #3 or #3 has this, etc." I put #3 back on and decided.... "I said YES, to the dress!" I am super excited!!!  No pictures though, I love the tradition of the groom not seeing the dress, especially since Paul has only seen me in one dress ever (& that was for Halloween). I was also beat and had to get some grub. McAllisters it was for some awesome soup & sweet tea. I recommend them if you ever see one. We also stopped my girl good friend Lori's house to introduce her to the family. It was nice getting to see her, her mom, & the remodel they're doing. Also getting to see her most recent jewelry, shoutout to Home on the Range Exchange!
For Christmas, this year I got a little crafty (thank you Pinterest once again) and made a card hanger & all my friends University bulbs. I had KSU, OU, KU, & Michigan bulbs. Needless to see it looked like a fairy exploded in my living room. There was glitter everywhere, or as my friend Misty says, "Glitter is the crabs of crafts, it's everywhere & you have no idea how it got there" :)
The card hanger was kind of last minute, but it was extremely easy. A ribbon bow with two strands of hanging ribbon & some clothespins & wallah!
The weekend before, Paul & I picked out our very first Christmas tree together. We got it from the Topeka Optimist club, which they got the trees from Wisconsin. It smelled amazing!

Our first ornament! :) ... I painted it too!
On Saturday, we took mom & Tess to our wedding ceremony & reception location. They loved it! It was also very special as my mom says holding back tears, "it's where I get to see my little girl walk down the aisle to get married." That night I introduced them to Pinterest and now they are hooked! Let the planning really begin!

After the weekend, Mom & Tess made it back safely & under 9 hours. I hope that all of you had wonderful Christmas & New Years as well!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

Thanks for the shout out!
You are crafty?!?! Embrace it. Did you hand paint those snowflakes or use a stamp? AMAZING if it was free hand. . I need to employee you.

aultman19 said...

You know your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life! Garrick and I were traditional too, it makes it that more special, so happy for you two and we can't wait to share the special day with you guys!

Alicia said...

Hand painted baby! :) ... Thanks Stephanie! We can't wait for you guys to make the trip!