Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Passed!

well, i've been meaning to write this entry for a week or so now & just havenmt had the time to get to a computer (that has blog access that is), so i just going to submit it from my phone. so you may notice the lack of capital letters or punctuation, that is because my phone doesnt agree with blogger in some aspects.
anywho... last week when i was finally well enough to go to practice i finally got to do my msts. which are the minimal skill requirements that a rollergirl has to pass into order to bout, or do anything of the sort. for instance, there were three other girls going theres as well. we started out doing our twenty five laps in five minutes. i was bringing up the tail; my legs felt like they werent working, but i pushed it just wishing and hoping i didnt fall. my counter announced lap nineteen and i was extatic then he said, two laps...i pushed it, wobbly and all, crossed that line floated around the tract, then ritz our newbie coach jumps out in front of me saying i made time! my time was 4:56, i shaved off 22 seconds!! my limbs were burning & i was about ready to hack up a lung! that wasn't the end though, we were off to finish the rest... crossovers, skating on one leg, derby stance,baseball slides, falls & getting back up without hands, skating as a pack. and then while we were skating as a pack they had the coaches husband & one of the other girls come flying at us trying to knock us down...basically seeing if we can take & or give a hit. through and through in the end i passed my msts!!! ... however, i still have a lot of work to go. i am super excited for what this will bring me this year! i hope you all enjoying reading about my new rollerderby adventures along with other random happenings

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