Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Time...

I am currently home in Colorado for the holidays! The past 4 days have been great, although I do wish that there was some Colorado snow on the ground. Christmas was a whopping 53 degrees! The family is good, just trying to stay busy. Today everybody else is either at work or judging practice (Tess received a chance to go to the Arizona Stock Show for a livestock judging contest:) so I have a few minutes to update you all on how everything has been going.
I moved to Topeka at the end of September, which brought my 125 mile round trip daily commute down to a huge 3 mile round trip jaunt! My ole jetta is loving me now. It has also improved some of my friendships with my Topekan friends.... it's nice being able to just drive over for dinner if someones having a bad day or just has extra food. Work is going good.
My personal life.... well, it was hitting a bumpy road for a while but I think I am figuring everything out. It's the first time I have lived alone since living in the dorms...even then I had a roomie. Now, I just have my crazy mutts keeping me busy! Oh, and I do have a new fellow in my life!!! I met him back in Colorado a while back, he works with my brother at a diesel shop. After my break-up, Paul and I began talking on Facebook (of course ;) then once a week turned into three times a week, turned into every day, then twice a day. We finally decided to call it what it was.... A Relationship!!! a long distance one at that! We met up in Colby, KS one weekend and he flew me out to Colorado another weekend, and now he's staying with me at my parents house for the time that I'm here. He's a great guy and could see something more out of this.... hmmm today is our 2 month anniversary!!! ;)
Enough gushy. Another big activity that I have started in.... yes, can't you tell I like to start random activities/projects/etc .... is Roller Derby!!! One day I was window shopping at wolf's camera & they had out some example products. Most were advertising some club or person. One just happened to be the Capital City Crushers! I checked out their web page, emailed their go-to person, went to the rink & checked out a practice. I enjoyed watching these girls skate around, hitting one another, & learning the aspects of the game. I came back the following Tuesday, strapped on some skates, & got myself out onto the rink. Whew! It has been at least 14 years since I had been on 8 wheels! I started picking it up better than I thought I would. So, I signed the paperwork and joined the team! Now, comes the fun part... practicing, making friends, working hard, and testing myself (watching those tendons of mine). Once you join the team you can go to any open skate night for free and get some practice. I went Saturday and skated for about 3 hours. Still need to relax & work on my balance. That next Tuesday, I got out there with the girls, warmed up, stretched and attempted the 25 in 5 drill. See you have to meet your MSTs to play in a bout (game). These MSTs would include, skating 25 laps in 5 minutes, different stops, slides, hits, jumps, and skating styles. I attempted my first 25-5, when doing so everyone has to try and stay together as a pack & help each other. One girl really helped me out, pushing me, giving me confidence and I finished my 25 laps in a time of 5min 54sec, which was apparently pretty good for a first time. My leg was burning!!! The rest of the practice some of the other players & refs worked with me on some of the other MSTs. I fell, missed turns, did things wrong, but you know I am determined and will eventually get it! Ha! as I was doing some weaving through cones I lost my balance & wham! ooo it was a good fall, it took me a little longer to get up from that one! I love it though and can't wait to learn more and improve my skills!
Other than that.... life is getting back to normal. I better get going.... since I am home I have chores to do!
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and wish you all the best new year!!!