Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WOW! .... it's been a while

Soo..... Haven't done much writing. Did I mention I don't have internet at my house so the only time I have with the world wide web is either after work, a friends house, or in a library. (yippee!).

Anywho... a little update on what's been going on since the end of Feburary:

- March:
  • Went home to Colorado! only upon arriving the Ole Jetta broke down once again! At first we thought it was just the replaced $320 radiator fan. Meanwhile, I barrowed my dad's bald tired ford to go up to meet some fellow Kansans in Breck to get in a little snowboarding. Boarding was fun. Our last night we all went out on the town, a little basement bar for some pool'n beer, we ran into some fellow KSU alumni. Then we strolled up to an Absinthe bar for some $9 swiss absinthe shots. Oh, the drive home was just as eventful. Bald tires + slush + incline = spin out = on shoulder, with traffic, attempiting to put on chains (the 1st time ever). Succeeded after an hour or so of freezing my hands off. 50 yards later threw a chain! So repeat. Finally, on and rolling.... SLOWLY. I just stuck behind a semi, & left them on all the way down the mountain. Once out, stopped took off chains an& had breakfast at a truckstop diner. I was pretty shaken up. Eventually, made it home. After checking in with dad, he informed me that now my car wouldn't start. We took it to the foreign guy in Niwot. When we went to pick it up the technition informed us that it would be $5500 to fix.... I walked out in tears & had to calm down. Turns out VWs, Audi's, & beamers' books all say to change your oil at 10,000-15,000 miles. So, I broke my own 3,000mile rule & did what the book said. What a bunch of Crap!! The tech said to ignore that, no matter what you should be changing at the latest 6,500miles! So, my car could've ranged from just skipping time to busting rods. Well, the ole jetta was staying in CO. Rental Kansas bound, sporting a classy pearl PT Cruiser :p
  • In KS, I have some great friends... One that lent me her car for the time being.
  • Oh, I'm working a 2nd job!!! A liquor store.... it was an easy catch, because I have "prior experience!" It was a have too. I'm out of a Powell trip AND have a car to fix. Oh well, at least I get a discount :).... I'm dabbling in more microbrews, recently I suggest the Saranac's Summer brew - De-lish!
- April
  • Mainly work!
  • A little CatFishing!!
  • Found out my car had the worse case scenario. F'd up all the rods! So, dropping the dough for a new motor was in call for. I compared just buying a new vehicle but I just don't have the resources. Dad's motor guy found a new-ish motor. So, I will be driving the ole jetta into the ground!
  • First weekend, Greyhounded it home to CO. Whew! there are some different folks who ride the bus. Left round 10am, got into Denver round 8pm. The whole family was at the bus stop waiting! They had fun people watching. Then we all loaded into my brothers "redneck" truck and drove around downtown denver trying to find a place to eat. Mexican it was, with Margaritas!! So, the drive out was even better with a drunk backseat driver mom!:) Next day I was back in KS with the ole jetta.
  • End of the month back in CO!! For little sis' graduation!! The drive home kinda sucked, AC is busted in the Jetta.... ugh!
  • Anywho, that friday back I took Tess to get her first tat! haha with out telling mom! I made her go first (b/c we got matching ones). It was HILARIOUS!! quote, "it feels like I'm having a baby out of my foot!" like she knows what that feels like ;). When we got home I asked mom how her mood was... she responds by asking me if I was pregnant, then if Tess is pregnant, then if I got another tattoo... ha I responded "you should ask your other daughter" She flipped! Then thought it was cool. I drew up our last name in our old trucking font & added a paw & hoof, because that's what Tess & I are all about... cats/dogs & livestock!!!
    That night Cory, Dad & I put on the hog... a 266lb gilt!! yeah, mom took in a 300 some lb pig!! That female barely fit in the roaster or truck bed for that matter. She needed 15hours of cooking. I ended up falling asleep in the shop.
  • Next day was a burner of a graduation, I swear they're getting longer & longer! than the Par-Tay! A lot of old family friends showed up which was nice.
  • Rest of the time home, went fishing & 4-wheeling (my fav!!!) & hit up Estes park like a bunch of tourists. Had to stop at my favorite place.... THE TAFFY SHOP!
  • So far not much. Just lots of rain!!! I floated my car a couple times. I need to remember the rule... something about can't see don't attempt you'll drown (It's some rhyme that I can't think of).